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Fundamentals of cAlgo: Make an Automated Trading Swing with Ease

Learn how to use cAlgo for building cBots and Indicators in cTrader environment
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You'll learn to develop and backtest automated trading strategies with cAlgo
You'll code your own cBots and Indicators
You'll practice trade management on cTrader platform

Forex trading has never been more complex, and yet ‘complex’ doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. Having the right tools, it’s become arguably easier than ever to entrust a lot of ‘pain work’ to robots. One of such tools, cTrader, will be in the scope of this course. cTrader is an advanced application for coding technical indicators and cBots, allowing you to create and build strategies and custom indicators based on algorithms. The coding part has to be done with the cAlgo programming language, and in this course on cTrader, you’re about to discover how to set your automated trading strategies with cAlgo.

Why is it a good idea for you to do a trading job with cTrader?

cAlgo is the key component of the cTrader suite. It’s a robust platform with intuitive functionality for back-testing. With a vast community, users of cAlgo may choose from a variety of C# resources to build their own trading algorithms. You can develop the ability to turn your trading ideas into fully automated trading systems that can operate with no monitoring or interference. Besides, the bots developed with cAlgo will be able to interact not only with cTrader but with other trading platforms as well (e.g., MetaTrader, NinjaTrader).

When you start using cTrader, you’ll enjoy its power of speedy response and high customizability. Any trader will admit that delays in trade execution is the No.1 enemy. cTrader ensures filing multiple orders at once in a matter of microseconds without any order queues. Also, cTrader makes liquidity of all your currency pairs as well as execution of trades fully transparent to the user.

What will you get from this course?

In this course, we’ll cover the fundamental aspects of coding cBots and indicators, also exploring some advanced concepts of the cTrader environment. First and foremost, you’ll learn how to automate trade strategies with cAlgo. You’ll be able to create your cBots and test their functionality compared to the historical data. Naturally, we’ll start from basic stuff like installing cTrader, reviewing market series interface. For that, you’ll have video lessons and additional reading materials with great examples to have in front of you whenever you need. You’ll then dive into code structure and explore arithmetic operations. These will be required at calculations with FOR and WHILE loops. I’ll guide you through the actions of getting indicator values. When we cover the above, we’ll move to have fun placing trades with cTrader. We’ll spend a good portion of this course working on trade management. The critical part of checking the functionality of the cBots that you’ll create is backtesting on cTrader platform.

Enroll in one course to get what you need to start exploiting cTrader for your benefit

I’ll be available every step of the way to assist you with learning the essential aspects of building cBots and Indicators within the cTrader environment. Lay a good foundation and get the proper understanding first, and you’ll be on a fast track to make automated trading work for you.

Fundamentals of cAlgo: Make an Automated Trading Swing with Ease
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