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How to Perform CRUD Operations in CodeIgniter 3

Learn to create, read, update, and delete data (CRUD operations) with a beginner-friendly CodeIgniter tutorial!
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CRUD operations are a crucial part of any project. The acronym stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete – all the necessary actions you need to know how to perform when working with data records in persistent storage. Without understanding CRUD operations, you would not be able to use a database, which is a necessity for any computer developer nowadays.

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how you can perform CRUD operations in the CodeIgniter framework. Let’s start with why this software is an excellent choice for you.

Why should you be learning CodeIgniter?

Initially released in 2006 by EllisLab, CodeIgniter is an extremely popular PHP framework that allows you to create dynamic websites. To get the most of it, I would strongly advice having some basic knowledge in the Holy Trinity of Web Development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) before taking this course.

According to HotFrameworks, CodeIgniter is currently the third most popular PHP framework in the world. One of the main reasons it's such a popular choice is security: protection against CSRF and XSS attacks comes inbuilt in the software!

In addition to that, CodeIgniter is incredibly lightweight (just a few megabytes to download!) and requires very little manual configuration, which makes it a perfect choice for a beginner. Learning CodeIgniter is also made easy by clear and extensive documentation found on the official website.

Choosing the right tutor is no easy feat

To fully grasp how to use CodeIgniter, it’s best to learn from experts. I have been working as a software developer full-time for over seven years. In my spare time, I concentrate on educating the community by taking part in various IT conferences, writing blogs, managing online coding groups, and offering comprehensive online courses. Apart from PHP and its frameworks (such as Codeigniter and Laravel), I am an expert in SQL, Query Optimization, Bootstrap, and a few other systems.

I will show you all the necessary tips and tricks of working with CodeIgniter, such as creating a custom helper and using the custom function. A lot of beginners don’t know about this function, yet it’s extremely helpful, as it saves your time by letting you prevent code repetition.

This is precisely why it’s best to choose a CodeIgniter tutorial created by someone who has working experience in working with the framework as opposed to reading theory. A seasoned user knows all the nooks and crannies of the system and is more than happy to share them with you!

One CodeIgniter tutorial to explain it all

In this CodeIgniter tutorial, I will explain every step you need to take to learn how to use CodeIgniter for web development. We will start by downloading and installing the framework. Next, you will learn to set a database and perform CRUD operations on your records. This will give you full control to manipulate your data.

After finishing this course, you will not only know how to use CodeIgniter but also be able to perform CRUD operations in seconds without breaking a sweat. Learn the fundamentals of coding with CodeIgniter and create dynamic content to your heart’s desire!

How to Perform CRUD Operations in CodeIgniter 3
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