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Become a Master at Dynamics CRM Workflow

Learn all the aspects of Dynamics CRM workflow with scenarios and demos (custom workflow activity code included).
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Learn to Automate Tasks Using Dynamics 365 Workflows and Increase Productivity
Lean to Create Workflows in a Practical Way (with application demo & scenarios)
Learn to Develop a Custom Workflow Activity Using C# or VB .Net

Nowadays there are lots of technologies that can help you with everyday tasks. With a number of jobs, you must complete every day, it’s important to find technology that would make your work more efficient, easier and increase your company’s revenue. That’s where CRM workflow comes in handy. CRM workflow manages your company’s relations and interactions with customers to improve business relationships. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 at your workplace or your customers use it, then you need to try this course - you will learn to implement Dynamics 365 CRM. After you finish this Microsoft Dynamics CRM training, you will be able to use CRM workflow and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company or your clients. So why are you still waiting? Improve your work right away!

Become an expert

In this Microsoft Dynamics CRM training, you will gain lots of valuable experience that is adaptable in real life, to make your work easier. Good news is that even if you are still a beginner, after this course you will become a specialist! This course is created for Microsoft Dynamics consultants, but anyone who wants to improve their knowledge can join.

Let me introduce you with the real value of this course. You will learn to automate tasks using Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows to enhance your company’s productivity. Furthermore, you will learn to create a CRM workflow practically. Last but not least, using C# or VB.NET you will manage to create a custom workflow activity.

Why this Microsoft Dynamics CRM training?

This course will provide you with the most relevant material to learn Microsoft workflow, you will get both theoretical and practical knowledge. You will be introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows, what it is, how it works, what type Microsoft workflow can be. After that, you will move to the practical part and you will mostly focus on CRM workflow - how to send email, how to perform actions and many other functions. After the course, there will be a review, which will make it easier for you to repeat everything that you have learned.

Another great part is that this course doesn’t require lots of specific knowledge, all you need is a basic understanding of Dynamics 365 CRM,  Basic C# or VB.NEB and access to the Dynamics 365 environment. Not that much, right? This course is created by an amazing lecturer, who has lots of valuable experience to share with you. Abhay Sharma is an author, entrepreneur, result oriented trainer and a marketing consultant. He has also lots of experience with project management, and he is a certified Microsoft trainer. Therefore, you will learn this Microsoft Dynamics CRM training from an amazing specialist, that will give you the best experience!

So, I believe that many people dream of having skills that would make their work so much more efficient. With CRM workflow all of that is possible.  You will save time you are missing and manage the same amount of tasks in a shorter period of time. No more hesitation - just enroll in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM training and become a specialist!

Become a Master at Dynamics CRM Workflow
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