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Creative Violin, The New Violin Method 1: Basics, Lesson 1-2

Become a better violinist in less time
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Become a better violinist in less time
Master the basics of playing violin: The violin; The bow; The first notes.
Place fingers 1 and 2 on the right position on each string.
Read the notes of fingers 1 and 2 in the 1st position on each string.
Master the most common bowings.
Play a few songs with the notes you know now.
Improvise using the notes you know now.

The violin is the most perfect instrument for all thinkable music styles, apart from classical music it has claimed it's place in jazz, pop, rock, country, world music...
Until now there has been no violin method that went beyond classical music.
Creative Violin brings this to a change.
Apart from classical music the student will taste many different styles of music and even learn to improvise, right from the start.
I see that this works very well, even the youngest beginners (6 years old!) learn how to close the book and start playing intuitive, along with the provided studio recorded accompaniments, right from the first lessons.

Creative Violin is a new method which even includes improvisation training right from the start.

What can you expect in this first course?

This course will set you up with all the basics needed to play the violin the right way.
In the basics you will learn the correct posture, how to hold the violin, how to place the fingers on the fingerboard, exercises...
You will learn how to hold the bow correctly and learn the most common bowing techniques.
The 3rd basics video teaches you the first notes, you will also learn to read them from a score.

Included is the video where you will learn how to tune your violin (without breaking strings).

If you want to master the basics you need for violin study this will be the best choice you'll find online, because the course is made to guide you every step of the way in clear tutorial videos.

After this course you will be ready for the next courses where we start with the 3rd finger, quarter/eighth notes, more bowing techniques...
Included music are classical pieces (Bach, Mozart, Dvorak, Bartok...) as well as the jazz/swing, musical, and world music from countries like Ireland and Romania...
All lessons and exercises are accompanied with studio recorded backing tracks, so you'll never have to play alone.

Creative Violin, The New Violin Method 1: Basics, Lesson 1-2
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