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Creating Motion Content You Can License

Get the basics on creating stock video content you can license — and monetize!Join Pond5's Avtandil Chachibaia and Robert Pascale for a 30-minute short class o...
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Get the basics on creating stock video content you can license — and monetize!

Join Pond5's Avtandil Chachibaia and Robert Pascale for a 30-minute short class on the ins and out of creating and monetizing video for licensing. Whether you're a pro looking for tips on how to appeal to commercial clients, or you're just getting started and are eager for best practices on making the most of your iPhone, this class will give you the inspiration and best practices to create stock video.

There's never been a better time to create motion content that you can license for other creators' projects. Your creativity can fuel others' creativity, and you can make money doing it. The technology, platforms, and tools are open to you — and this short class will show you how to make the most of them!


What You'll Learn

  • Introduction. In this motion photography lesson, you’ll get tips to help up your video creation game. Avtandil Chachibaia and Robert Pascale will explain why now is a better time than ever to learn to shoot original content as they outline their photography tutorial. You’ll learn the key elements of content creation, what the current sellable content trends are, and how to develop both skills and your own style.
  • Project. Your project in this lesson will be to create a 5-30 second video clip inspired by a “passion.” You’ll be able to use any camera you want, from an iPhone to DSLR, as long as it can capture HD1080 quality.
  • What is stock? You’ll learn the meaning of stock video and important aspects to consider when creating this kind of work. You’ll recognize the different markets that your work can apply to and how to create a variety of stock video to provide lots of options for potential editors. Avtandil and Robert will outline the possible clients and places where your stock footage could end up and teach you about the importance of metadata.
  • What are good subjects to shoot? Avtandil will take you through a list of subjects that are in high demand when it comes to stock video. You’ll learn how the items on this list, from establishing shots to sports clips to timelapse footage, can apply to different media and creators. You’ll get a sense of how to emphasize variety in your stock video work.
  • Gear. You’ll look at Robert’s gear while he goes over affordable, professional camera options that can shoot quality HD video. He’ll offer suggestions on what to look for in your camera and point out economical solutions for short-term projects.
  • Pro tips. You’ll learn how to make great stock video that can fit the needs of individuals, brands, and advertising agencies. If you’re looking for passive income ideas, you’ll want to come up with footage that has as wide of a client reach as possible. Robert will encourage you to master a genre but also to shoot for volume and focus on content that has a global reach. You’ll get an idea of what to put in a shoot brief and when to create a mood board for your project.
  • Keeping shots sellable. You’ll learn how to aim for generic shots, avoid logos, lengthen the shelf life of your shots, and understand the importance of getting signed releases from your subjects.
  • Gear. An up-to-date iPhone can offer high quality shots. You’ll learn about the apps and equipment that can enhance your iPhone’s ability to capture professional footage.
  • iPhone upgrades. Avtandil will take you through some of the gadgets he uses to enhance his iPhone camera, from an attachable zoom lens to a phone-sized tripod.
  • iPhone shooting tips. You’ll learn how to keep your iPhone video from looking amateurish with 10 tips from Avtandil. These will include how to position your iPhone when shooting and how to incorporate appropriate light sources. You’ll also get tips on postprocessing.


Pond5 is the world's largest marketplace for royalty-free video footage. The company offers more than 3.7 million royalty-free stock video clips, along with more than 17 million photos, illustrations, music tracks, sound effects, motion graphics templates, and 3D models.

Creating Motion Content You Can License
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