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Create a web application with python + Django + PostgreSQL

Build a web application that interacts with a database.
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Install Python
Install Django
Install PostgreSQL Database Server
Connect database to web application
Create virtual environment
Create database
Run Migrations
Create views and Models
Display data from database on web app
Style app with Bootstrap
Use static files
Create object links
Display media content

Web applications are basically apps that can be accessed via a web browser.

If you want to become a web developer building web based applications that interacts with databases is a vital skill to have. Almost all applications we interact with daily interacts with databases that stores and retrieves information. Example applications that interacts with databases includes:




Online Banking




In this course we will create a web based application using Python and Django and we will create and store objects inside a PostgreSQL  database that will interact with our web application's front end.

Create a web application with python + Django + PostgreSQL
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