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PPV and CPM Marketing: Create Profitable Media

Learn everything you need to know about PPV and CPM marketing and how to sign up for CPV networks.
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Learn What is Cost Per View Marketing and How to Sign Up for a CPV network
Learn to Find the Right Keywords
Learn to Create High-Converting Landing Page for Your CPV Campaigns
Learn to Run Campaigns and Optimization for a Great Performance

Nowadays, there are a number of fast-growing companies. All of them promote some kind of product or service. Marketing is one of the crucial elements of a successful business. In order for marketing to work, you need to connect with your customers. It might sound simpler than it actually is. And that’s the reason you need someone to guide you. Try this PPV marketing tutorial. You will learn what is CPM marketing and how to make it profitable. So, if you are an aspiring marketing specialist, you will find out everything you need to know about CPM marketing from this course. Jump straight to it!

You’ll learn

Do you know what is CPM in marketing? If not, then let me shortly explain it to you. CPM marketing is, in other words, cost per thousand impressions. It can also refer to cost per impression, but in this case, the value is lower. For example, if the marketer charges $2.00 CPM, it means that he will have to pay $2.00 every 1000 impressions of that ad. Everything is clear now, right?

This PPV marketing course includes only the most essential points that are needed to understand how to run a successful CPV advertising. In this class, you will see how simple it is to set up websites, become an author and publish ebooks. Moreover, you will learn what is CPM marketing, how to sign up for a CPV network. Besides, this course will include the type of sites that you can cover in your campaigns and how to find the best keywords to make the CPV conversions and profit as high as possible. What is more, you will learn to create a successful landing page, run campaigns and optimize them for a fantastic performance. So, with this CPV marketing course, you will boost your campaigns to the next level.

Why this PPV marketing course?

Steve North, the instructor of this CPV marketing course, has more than 10 years experience in digital marketing, he created a number of extensive courses on different topics, including website design, product creation, mentoring, and so on. He will explain everything you need to know about what is CPM in marketing in a simple manner and share throughout the years gathered knowledge with you.

This course consists of 3 modules; each of them will give you a different kind of knowledge. In the 1st module, you will start learning PPV marketing. You will learn about pay per view marketing and how to sign up for a PPV network and basic framework to run a successful campaign. In part 2 you will learn how to find products to promote in those campaigns and how to maximize conversions and profits. In the last section, you will find out how to launch successful campaigns and associated information that you need to know about CPV advertising.

Therefore, you will find out everything you need to know about cost per impression marketing and PPV marketing and raise your campaigns to the next level. So, join this CPV marketing course now and start learning!

PPV and CPM Marketing: Create Profitable Media
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