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Communication Acoustics

Learn about the various ways we hear and perceive sound and how to improve technology and products for better communication.
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In this engineering course, we will cover all aspects of communication acoustics, which is the way sounds travels from a source, through a channel and finally to a receiver. We will look at the different system components involved in acoustic communication, including those between humans, between humans and machines, and between machines. This includes: speech acoustics hearing acoustics electroacoustics spatial sound capture and presentation simulation of acoustical environments the human auditory system digital audio processing methods You will learn from top experts in the field of communication acoustics, who are all affiliated with TU9, the nine leading Universities of Technology in Germany. Together, they have pooled their expertise in order to teach a comprehensive basic understanding and indicate current research trends to you. After completion of the course, you will have gained a broad understanding of the involved subdomains, and will be ready to pick a specialization for future in-depth study.
Communication Acoustics
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