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Collaborative Management

Collaborative Management
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Combination of various management techniques is called as Collaborative Management.  It is used to enlighten a sense of unity and teamwork among managers, supervisors and the employees in an organization. In other words, it is an act of working together to achieve a common goal within a timeframe.  The process of defining the objectives to be achieved within an organization is called Management by Objectives. Both the management and employees agree to the objectives.  They understand their roles and responsibilities to achieve the goals.  

Team members actively participate in the planning, controlling, and networking processes which involve using information, communication, and collaboration modules. In Collaborative Management, management is for all team members and not reserved solely for managers. There is a high level of transparency among the team members, and knowledge and information are shared among team members.

Participants understand Collaboration as a perspective and a way to build rapport with each other as well as the organization. They don’t consider it as a tactic or a set of skills or tools. Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) aims at improving the flow of information among the superiors and the subordinates. In CDM, decisions are made based on the views shared by leaders and team members.  Awareness is also created on the consequences of the mutual decisions made.

Better information will lead to better decision-making. Tools and procedures should be kept ready to adapt to changing conditions.

A collaboration system comprises of a set of tools which allow the team members to share their ideas and talents with other members.  This helps in accomplishing the tasks both efficiently and effectively.

Our focus here is on structured collaboration as it is widely used in all sectors. Introspection of behavior and communication is encouraged by structured collaboration.  It aims to increase the success of the organization as the team gets engaged in collaborative problem-solving.

Collaborative Management
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