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CodeIgniter Tutorial: All From The Basics to The Advanced Features

Learn Codeigniter 3 with Bootstrap 4 from scratch with advanced concepts like cache and projects - only in this Codeignitor tutorial for beginners step by step!
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If you’re a PHP developer, you probably know the struggle of trying to find a decent framework to work with. Web development isn’t easy, and it certainly doesn’t help if you have to struggle with the tools that should be aiding you, instead of being a nuisance. However, in this course, I’d like to tell you about one of the best PHP frameworks out there - CodeIgniter. If it still isn’t a part of your developer’s toolbelt, you’re missing out big time. But worry not - the ultimate CodeIgniter tutorial is here for the rescue.

Many Frameworks, Yet You Only Need One

There are many different frameworks that you might choose from when using PHP. Some of them are good, others - not so much. As time goes on, the web development communities worldwide are slowly but surely picking out the best PHP frameworks, thus setting the long-lasting trends of web development. Needless to say, this CodeIgniter tutorial wouldn’t exist if CodeIgniter wasn’t a part of this list, so you naturally might want to consider to learn CodeIgniter.

If you’ve been an active participant of the web development circles for a longer period of time, you might have noticed that CodeIgniter has been becoming increasingly popular term to be thrown around. Developers have noticed that this framework has an amazing feature when compared to other, similar programs - it’s quite simple. Simplicity can be the deciding factor in the usefulness of a particular framework. Furthermore, CodeIgniter offers a great platform for building lasting web development projects, and a wide variety of pre-built modules to accompany it.

One Course is All You Need

When you take this CodeIgniter tutorial - CodeIgniter 3 tutorial to be more exact - you’ll be able to learn CodeIgniter from the basic functions all the way to the advanced features. Since you’re looking for some of the best PHP frameworks out there, I assume that you already have the fundamental knowledge of PHP, web development and Server. Good! You’ll be able to put that information to good use while taking a PHP CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners step by step. This course isn’t one of the casual, read-till-you-fall-asleep CodeIgniter tutorials. Since the information provided within is handpicked to be as relevant and on-point as possible, there won’t be a minute left to waste. Don’t worry, though - since this CodeIgniter 3 tutorial is segmented into different parts, you’ll be able to choose the speed (learning curve) that’s comfortable for you.

Once you finish the CodeIgniter tutorial, you will have the fundamental knowledge of how to build an all-around functional, stable and attractive website. Sign-ups, logins - you name it! These and other features will be taken care of by CodeIgniter, and you'll see how to deal with them in this PHP CodeIgniter tutorial. It is important, however, that you put in the time and effort into studying the topic extensively. As you finish this CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners step by step, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your career and - in turn - your salary. To be able to achieve this, though, you must pay close attention to the contents of the course. Frameworks aren’t easy, and they require a lot of time and hard work to fully grasp and, eventually, master. But with that said, enough talking - jump into the course and start learning CodeIgniter today!

CodeIgniter Tutorial: All From The Basics to The Advanced Features
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