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Advanced CodeIgniter concepts in building your own E-commerce project

Expand your skills with CodeIgniter, one of the most valued PHP frameworks, to build your own systems when you understand the underlying principles deeply with the help of this CodeIgniter tutorial
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You'll build an e-commerce project in CodeIgniter
You'll learn to define own routes
You'll practice using jQuery and javascript with live AJAX
You'll learn to add an admin panel, login/signup systems
You'll be able to add third party templates

Did you have plans to learn CodeIgniter – one of the most widely used PHP frameworks for rapid application development? I wouldn’t be surprised if you came here with a clear purpose to build your professional confidence. This CodeIgniter course is going to be a knowledge mine for you to learn how to define your own routes, how to use jQuery and Javascript with live AJAX, essential info about CRUD operation, and much more to prepare and complete your projects. The practical outcome of this course is going to be your personal e-commerce project, so buckle up and let’s dive in!

Why is CodeIgniter highly valued in developers’ communities?

First of all, CodeIgniter is easy to master for any programmer who’s been working with PHP. An exceptionally good documentation (books, tutorials, Q&As) helps its users to learn the essentials of this framework fairly quickly. Another thing that adds to quick learning and ease of use is that CodeIgniter comes with some libraries, making it a good out of a box option right from the beginning. As one of the oldest frameworks in PHP, CodeIgniter has a quite strong community that expands the opportunities to access even more libraries.

What about the speed? Again, there’s little competition to CodeIgniter in this department as well. In this case, ‘fast’ means fast performance and fast development when building with CodeIgniter. The source code for it is close to 2MB, so it’s easy to master and to deploy or update it.

What’s the scope of this CodeIgniter tutorial?

This course is intended for those who have basic knowledge of CodeIgniter and Bootstrap. Here, you’ll learn further and move on with more advanced concepts.

After we go through the steps to take to set the environment up, you’ll get a clear explanation of why you need to break HTML content into multiple views, and some insights about the loading issues with extra plugins. It’s important to cover the cache mechanism, as well as how to use jQuery and Javascript with live AJAX functionality.

In this CodeIgniter tutorial, you’ll also learn to add an admin panel dashboard to use for managing your site. You’ll gain an important skill in integrating third party templates with your system. All of them will be managed from a single admin panel.

It’s important to understand how CRUD operation works, as well as the ability to build the login and signup system. You’ll definitely need those in your e-commerce project. Your project will be created in CodeIgniter, also using Bootstrap 3 or 4. It will be your unique e-commerce system where you’ll be able to decide on what you want it to contain.

Join the course to learn to build your own projects

I’ve been working as a full-time developer for more than 7 years in many firms, and I know how important it is to be able to build your own systems. For that, you need knowledge and practice, so this course is intended for you to get enough theory, and then the ability to create your own e-commerce project. I’ll be glad to assist you with detailed explanations and tips on each topic. Start today!

Advanced CodeIgniter concepts in building your own E-commerce project
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