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Cloud Penetration Testing: AWS

Securing the Cloud by performing Penetration Testing
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Penetration Testing on Cloud

Cloud is now future. Many companies are now managing their servers their contents even databases on the cloud. So it is necessary for a Penetration Tester to learn about the penetration testing on the cloud. Most of the people think that this is a very hectic task to do so. so I thought why not make this easy.

So welcome to this new course where I will be teaching the penetration testing over the cloud (AWS). In this course we are going to use AWS CLI and will learn the technique we need to be a good cloud penetration tester. I have used AWS cli to perform some of the common tests which you need to perform on the Cloud such as looking for RDP's, permission on the S3 buckets looking for the access and roles of the account, even looking for the keys you have created for a specific user. There are some of the automated tools exists which you can use for automated testing over the AWS account however before that I will let you know how to perform a manual one, because most of the companies prohibit using of the automated tools in the testing.

In this course you will learn

S3:- checking permission assigned to the bucket as the amazon charges pay as per you basis so it is very necessary to check the policies as a unintenditely may cause a lot of bucks to you even if you are storing some of the sensitive information in the bucket you will let it exposed over the internet.

IAM and roles:- Looking for the IAM roles created and the permission assgined to them, even looking for the access keys they are using as it is necessary to keep you AWS content safe.

Automated Testing:- How to perform automated testing over AWS


and much more

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Cloud Penetration Testing: AWS
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