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汉语与文化交际 Chinese Cultural Communication

Learn Chinese as a second language, understand Chinese culture...
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To learn a language well, a student needs to know the culture related to the target language, especially its communications. In this course, you will learn about the communication culture in China, such as the Chinese address system, metaphors, taboo words and euphemisms, Chinese terms of respect and modesty, and more. By understanding Chinese culture, you will be able to communicate more appropriately. 要学好一门语言,必须学习与这种语言相关的文化,特别是交际文化。本课程主要介绍与汉语交际相关的交际文化,像称呼、汉语的比喻、忌讳与委婉、谦辞和敬辞、中国的风俗习惯、等等,这些内容都是在汉语交际中不可回避的,只有了解了这些文化,才能使得汉语交际更得体,适合身份、适合场合、适合对方等,提高交际的成功率
汉语与文化交际 Chinese Cultural Communication
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