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Mastering the Change Management Process in Two Hours

Find out the best approach to implementing changes in the workplace and improve your management skills!
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How to convince people of the need for change
How to predict people’s attitude to the changes
How to plan effective project communications
How to handle resistance to change and win the skeptics over

Change is inevitable in any industry. Even if you personally would love things to stay as they are for decades, there’s a ton of outside factors that might make the decision for you. Economic conditions and rival companies can push you to rethink your spending. Also, commercial trends come and go, changing the demand.

The change management process is complicated, especially when a company has a significant number of employees. People tend to feel safe and secure in a stable environment, so it’s only natural to resist changes. However, if you find yourself in a managing role, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself implementing changes in the workplace.

In this change management training course presented to you by Mike Clayton, you will get to know all the basics of the change management process and the actions you need to take in every step from identifying the need for a change to leading your team through its implementation.

The first thing to remember: communication is key

All the vital change management steps require responsible and active communication. First, you need to explain to the team there is actually a need for a change to happen. Then, you need to identify and persuade the ones that resist it: negativity is contagious, and if you don’t win the skeptics over, they might spread their doubt around. In this course, you will discuss why people tend to resist change and what steps you can take during the change management process to encourage positive attitudes.

Mike Clayton is the author of ‘How to Speak so People Listen’, ‘The Handling Resistance Pocketbook’, and ten more books on project management and business environments. Having researched these topics for years as well as worked in Deloitte as a project management professional, he is truly capable of explaining the change management process in a way any beginner can understand and remember.

Step in the project leader’s shoes and take the change management steps

A lot of managers worry that implementing changes in the workplace is not something you can rehearse or practice in advance. While that is true, there are still ways to make sure you understand how to apply the theories you learned watching video lectures.

Next to the theory, Mike Clayton has prepared a case study for you to practice your newly gained know-how straight away. Putting yourself in the described situation, you will have to answer specific questions. This will help you achieve a stronger grasp on the change management process, and you will be able to act with more confidence once the actual situation presents itself.

While this change management training course only takes two hours, you will get a ton of tips and tricks you can use in your professional life. In addition to that, you will explore theories that can shed some clarity into a specific situation, including but not limited to the Satir curve, the Onion model, and the Lewin model. Take the course now, and get ready for any changes that might come your way!

Mastering the Change Management Process in Two Hours
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