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CCENT ICND1 (100-105): Study for a CISCO CCENT Certification

A complete CCENT course online to prepare & pass Cisco's NEW CCENT certification / ICND1 (100-105) in 2016.
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Learn to Pass the CCENT (100-105) or ICND1 Certification Exams
Learn to Apply the Information You'll Learn in This Course in Real-Life Scenarios
After Passing the CCENT Certifications, be Able to Start Thinking About Further Examinations

Networking is a topic that is often mentioned and discussed when people talk about high salary-providing, career opportunity-offering jobs. People who decide to follow the path towards becoming a network administrator or technician usually have their work cut out for them - these positions often require a lot of training & studying the subject, and quite a few certifications. The position is usually worth the work, however - networking professionals tend to have some of the best salaries out there. If you want to start working towards becoming a networking specialist, one of the very first steps will be to acquire the CCENT certification. And this CCENT online course is going to help you do just that.

What is CISCO CCNET Certification?

If you’ve only studied the very basics of networking, you might not even know what the CISCO CCENT certification actually is. Even though it will be covered quite extensively within the course itself, I’ll give you a brief definition right now. CCENT stands for “Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician”. As the name implies, the Cisco CCENT certification is an entry-level examination process in becoming a certified network technician. Once you decide to take this examination and pass it, various other networking certifications “unlock” (most of them require you to have first passed the CCENT certification).

Now, why is studying for CCENT even important? Well, Cisco being the technology conglomerate that it is, most high-profile companies that deal with networking and that aim to hire qualified network technicians ask their potential employees to provide proof that they have passed some levels of the Cisco networking certifications - the Cisco CCENT certification being the most basic of them. If you are able to prove that you’re a Cisco certified networking technician, there’s little to no extra questions asked - you will most likely qualify for the job.

Need to Prepare? Take an CCENT Course Online!

This CISCO CCENT study guide is designed to help people who are planning to take the CCENT certification exam. With the help of this course, you will be able to better learn and prepare for the possible questions that you might get asked during your examination. You will learn to apply the information from this CCENT online course in multiple different real-life scenarios, making your knowledge not only theoretical, but also practical. Furthermore, once you pass the CCENT (100-105) or ICND1 certification exams, you will be able to start thinking about further examinations!

To take this CCENT course online, you should already have an emulator / simulator installed and ready. Furthermore, having a CCENT learning book of your choice is advised - it will help you to further study and deepen your knowledge about the topic at hand. Books used in this CISCO CCENT study guide: the CCENT/ICND1 Study Guide by Cisco Press, Sybex CCENT Study Guide by Todd Lammle & The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!, by Lazaro J. Diaz. Other than that, all that you need is a strong passion to learn something new! If you’re ready to start preparing for the CCENT examination, enroll in the CCENT course online and begin your journey towards becoming a certified network technician!

CCENT ICND1 (100-105): Study for a CISCO CCENT Certification
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