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Camtasia Training for Beginners: A Complete Video Editing Course

Learn how to use Camtasia Studio 9 to create stunning videos for how-to tutorials, online courses, and product reviews
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How to edit an entire video using professional features of Camtasia
How to edit any video
How to color grade professionally

Camtasia is a software suite especially helpful for people creating how-to tutorials, product reviews, instructions, and online courses. The tool is recognized for its easy-to-navigate interface, allowing beginners to quickly learn how to record the computer screen output, improve their video content with audio, and add other available elements. During this Camtasia training, you will learn the basics of how to use Camtasia, starting from the review of the program's interface. 

After learning how to record screen on Camtasia, an extensive overview of editing possibilities will be introduced. For instance, you will learn about the management of canvas. The latter term refers to space on which you design your videos. Additionally, I will focus on the timeline and on how you can use it to assemble a video and keep track of the sequence of all media. 

Benefits of using Camtasia

Why would you spend your time on this Camtasia tutorial? Well, learning to record screen activity, add a voice-over, and edit the video is applicable for many purposes. For instance, many companies provide opportunities for students to learn online. On the other end, you can start a Youtube channel and attract people with various informative videos. 

If you have remarkable programming skills or life-changing insights about various topics, you can exchange your knowledge for profit. Nowadays, this is a very popular trend to get a secondary source of income. All you need to do is learn how to produce online courses. In my opinion, Camtasia is a tool capable of serving both picky professionals and newbies. Think of this Camtasia training as an investment in your future. 

Here are other, more technical benefits, of using Camtasia: 

  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and other programs;
  • Posting videos on Youtube straight from the user dashboard;
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices;
  • One price for a lifetime of use on two devices (no need to make mothly or yearly payments).
What will you learn from this Camtasia training?

In this course on how to use Camtasia, you will learn the advantages of using this software for your projects. It is a tool beloved by many, and once you purchase it once, you are free to produce an unlimited number of videos (and on two devices). Furthermore, this Camtasia training is specially designed for beginners that are motivated to learn how to record screen on Camtasia, add audio, and edit the video all from the same interface. While there might be a combination of tools that you can use instead, producing professional videos from one interface saves you time and money in the long run. 

Of course, for this Camtasia tutorial to really stick and be helpful, you should have this software in your device. Without attempting to replicate my actions yourself, the learning experience won't be as rewarding as it could be. I do not insist that you purchase the software immediately. Instead, you can start the free trial, which is more than enough for this Camtasia training. 

Camtasia Training for Beginners: A Complete Video Editing Course
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