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A Complete C# Programming Guide for Beginners

Master the main concepts and principles of C# OOP – object oriented programming!
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The purpose of object-oriented programming (OOP)
The key C# OOP concepts and principles
The 4 main pillars of OOP
Ways to utilize each of them in your own projects

Are you curious about learning C# programming? Do you dream of landing the dream job as a developer in an innovative and international company? Or maybe you simply want to become a strong expert of the IT sector and find out as much about it as you can? Whatever your ultimate goal is, you need to get familiar with object-oriented programming, also known as OOP!

In the twenty-five informative video lectures that make up this C# programming guide, you will get to know all the basic C# OOP concepts and learn to write code that’s fast and easy to read, scale, and maintain. The course is created and presented by Avetis Ghukasyan – a professional full-stack web developer who enjoys coding a lot and is ready to introduce you to one of the most important types of programming that a working coder must know like the back of their hand.

What is C# OOP, exactly?

Before we get started with the C# programming and the key principles of OOP, we should get to know what it is exactly that we’re dealing with. While the name of object-oriented programming (OOP) might sound complex to an untrained ear, it actually is not: in its essence, it’s just a way to think about your code by visualizing your problems in terms of objects, as opposed to procedures (this practice is known as procedural programming). It’s a methodology rather than a complicated theory, an approach rather than a set of rules.

Such an approach allows you to come up with better solutions, solve problems quicker and more efficiently, and write higher-quality code every time you touch your keyboard. 

C# programming can be object-oriented; so can Java, Python, PHP, and tons of other widely-known and used coding languages. Because of this, getting to know C# OOP in great detail makes it way easier for you to understand the key principles of other languages and become a lot more flexible and capable as a developer.

A C# programming guide like no other!

We agree – OOP doesn’t sound flashy or extra exciting like some new technologies (Mobile development! Machine learning! Artificial intelligence!); however, it forms the base of modern-day programming, so it’s a must-learn for anyone interested in a serious programming career. 

Following the clear and practical lectures presented by Avetis, you will gradually get to know all the crucial C# OOP concepts, principles, and best practices. The instructor will introduce you to the four key pillars of OOP – inheritance, polymorphism (static and dynamic), encapsulation, and abstraction. In just over three hours, you will find out how to apply each of them in your own projects.

Getting to know the key ideas behind OOP will make it easier for you to master more programming languages, find similarities and differences between them, and strengthen your overall understanding of coding. This is useful for both aspiring professionals and those who only view coding as a creative hobby – if you find the IT sector fascinating, take this C# programming course now, and never look back!

A Complete C# Programming Guide for Beginners
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