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C++ for Beginners: The Ultimate Bootcamp

Learn C++ programming from scratch and boost your career opportunities!
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How to program with C++ – one of the most powerful programming languages that exist
What the fundamental components of C++ are and how to use them
What key concepts of C++ programming also apply to other programming languages

It was four decades ago that Bjarne Stroustrup fell in love with the object-oriented programming that he first tried while coding in Simula language. Other than that, Simula was slow and overall, not too impressive. So, Stroustrup did what any smart person would have done: took the object-oriented programming principles and married them to a fast and functional C language. Thus, C++ was born.

Fast forward to 2020. C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and knowing it by heart is a massive bonus for any developer. According to Glassdoor, a C++ developer currently earns about $92K a year on average. Not too shabby!

In this C++ course, Harsh Kajla will teach you everything you need to know to be able to code in this language. As a young professional developer, he knows perfectly well how to explain C++ for beginners who have never coded before and need to master each and every subject from scratch.

Why it’s worth to learn C++ programming

Before you dive into C++ for beginners, you need to understand why this language is worth learning and what possibilities it provides to a skilled developer. It is a general-purpose language, which means you can use it for desktop and mobile, as well as web applications and even computer games.

C++ allows you to manipulate the resources of the hardware, which means it’s perfect for operating systems, database management systems, web browsers, and many other kinds of software. Learning C++ basics is a great way to start a programmer’s career. As the language is rather universal, you can explore many different areas of work before you choose your passion!

What makes this C++ course stand out from the others?

With C++ being among the top five programming languages in the world, it’s no surprise there are a lot of study materials that explain C++ for beginners. Why should you choose the course presented by Harsh Kajla? Well, there are multiple reasons.

First of all, in this course, you will not be rushing to learn C++ programming. In whopping 26+ hours of material, you will go through each concept and discuss them in detail. With practical demonstrations and whiteboard demonstration, Harsh Kajla will make sure you know C++ basics like the back of your hand. The topics you will discuss include functions, loops, statements, pointers, objects, classes, operators, constructors, exceptions, and so much more!

You should also note that there have been many updates and changes to the language over the years, and some courses that promise to explain C++ for beginners might actually be outdated and contain irrelevant information. In this tutorial, however, you will get to know the latest versions of C++ and truly get prepared for working in the industry!

Take a step towards mastering C++ programming!

If you still think it might be too hard to learn C++ for beginners, there is no way to fear. Everyone started from scratch once, and every prodigy was once a rookie. The only thing standing between you and a career in development is that Start Learning Now button – click it and dive in!

C++ for Beginners: The Ultimate Bootcamp
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