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Business101: Real Business Concepts They Don't Teach in School

The Complete Guide To Business Concepts That Apply In The Real World That You Won't Learn In MBA Courses in 2019
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What to expect from the real business world
What kind of work ethics are common
What are the peculiarities of your chosen field

A business course in a good college or grad school is a valuable investment in your future. You meet inspiring people and make valuable connections. You learn the main business concepts, understand the main principles, and generate a nice base of knowledge that should prepare you for working in your chosen position. It should – but does it?

A worthy addition to any business course

I myself have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the University of Washington, and I cherish my experience from the time there immensely. However, as soon as you enter the actual workforce, you realize that there’s a lot of essential things your professors never mentioned when discussing business concepts. While a lot of them are specific to each profession, there’s also a handful of universal truths that can be incredibly useful to know before you start working. With my business basics course, you can get to know them in just under two hours.

To make my course as useful as possible, I focused on all the business concepts I myself feel crucial in the real world outside the school corridors. Having over two decades of business-related work experience, I’ve seen and heard it all – and I want to share my knowledge with you! Watching my intro to business, you will get familiar with the work ethics and generally grasp what you should expect starting your first job in the industry.

A different intro to business basics

At the start and the end of this business course, you will also find two sections that contain information on more general business concepts. Those can be applied in pretty much any business field. You will also find this handy if you’re still thinking whether you should get into business: getting a grasp on the work ethics of a particular field might make the critical difference.

Business is a vast field. Even at the same company, different departments may work in a completely different manner. That’s why I have divided the lectures into fifteen sections based on the specific fields of work – this way, you might pick and choose what seems to be the most relevant to you personally. I have prepared specified lectures for those interested in marketing, sales, economics, accounting, finance, statistics, management, computer information systems, international business, entrepreneurship, and human resources.

Your best option

Personally, I would still advise you to view the whole course instead of choosing only the lectures that seem relevant to you at first glance. Not only you can learn essential business concepts yourself, but you may peek into the life of your colleagues in different departments. If you start improving your empathy, this can lead to more fruitful collaborations and teamwork!

In less than two hours, you can become much more aware of how the business world works and what you can expect when entering it yourself. Nothing will take you aback, and a boost to self-confidence never hurt a newcomer!

Business101: Real Business Concepts They Don't Teach in School
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