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Bug Bounty Tutorial: The Right Way to Start Your White Hat Hacking Career

The Techniques of Detecting Bugs and Hacking for Profit: Learn from a Professional Bug Bounty Hunter
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How to detect bugs
How to become a white hat hacker
How to hack for profit

A career as a bug bounty hunter is something we should all strive for. It's a way to earn money in a fun way while making this world a better (at least a more bug-free) place. If you think that's something you would like, this bug bounty training for beginners is just for you.

Hacking for profit

In this bug bounty for beginners course, you will learn to hack and how to earn while sitting comfortably in your home and drinking coffee. You can use bug bounty programs to level the cybersecurity playing field, cultivate a mutually rewarding relationship with the security researcher community and strengthen security in all kinds of systems.

While the practice of catching and reporting web bugs is nothing new (and have been going on for at least 20 years), widespread adoption of this practice by enterprise organisations has only now begun lifting off.

World-known companies like Facebook or Google are spending a lot of money for bounties, so it's just the right time to hop on the gravy train.

For example, Google pays a minimum of 100 dollars bounty. While Facebook announced that the company determines the bounties based on a variety of factors, for example, ease of exploitation, quality of the report and impact. However, if Facebook pays out the bounty, it's a minimum of 500 dollars (though extremely low-risk issues do not qualify for bounties).

People won as many as 33500 dollars for reporting bounties for Facebook. Actually, the cases where bounty hunters got paid extremely well while reporting bugs are endless.

White Hat Hacking for beginners

In this bug bounty tutorial, you will find out how to find bugs in websites. You will know what you have to look in the website to find bugs.  This is one of the ways how to become a hacker - a white hat hacker - who finds vulnerabilities in systems and reports them to make the systems safer.  So if you ever asked yourself what is hacking, the answer is staring you right in the face.

You will begin from the basics and learn about hacking for profit: you will get recon skills and take the first steps towards bug hunting and information gathering. Then we will move on to learning about bugs - what they are and how to detect them in web apps.

Best case scenario, you won't only get paid, you will be invited to companies you have helped, and then you'll be able to tell them how to be a hacker.

So it is not only a hobby, by learning white hat hacking for beginners, you will make the world a better place and make money while doing it.

Bug Bounty for Beginners

In this bug bounty training, you will find out what are bugs and how to properly detect them in web applications.

So if you are a beginner who knows HTML/JS Basics, Burp Suite and is acquainted with web technologies like HTTP, HTTPS, etc., this is the best white hat hacking for beginners course for you.

After you take this bug bounty tutorial and learn to hack for beginners, browsing through the internet will not be just a hobby for you. You will look at every web page with new eyes, scanning for bugs and earning opportunities for hacking for profit.

Bug Bounty Tutorial: The Right Way to Start Your White Hat Hacking Career
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