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Bookkeeping - everybody can do it

Learn the debit-credit language
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Assets, liabilities, owners' equity, expenses, revenues, accounting equation
Recording transactions
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable

This course is your first big step to your bookkeeping journey. It is designed for all people who want to speak the business language.

Every business puts its resources into action to generate a profit. As a result different events, which have financial effects on the business, happens. Accounting records all these events, analyze and summarize them. After that internal and external parties can use this information for decision making.

Bookkeeping is the part of accounting that includes only the process of recording all financial events within a business, called transactions. Accounting is a wider term and includes the bookkeeping process and the process of preparation of all financial statements.

Something more – bookkeeping can be done by everyone who understands its basics. But the preparation of financial statements requires an accounting degree.

With easy to follow animations and explanations, the course will help you to gain the gold skills that you need to do a good bookkeeping job.

In case you have already some bookkeeping knowledge, the course can be used for refreshing your bookkeeping and accountancy expertise.

You will be surprised how beneficial this course is and how many things you will learn. The secret to the success of the course is that it consists of different learning resources:  videos with theory and examples, quizzes, and exercises with explanations.

Using all these learning forms you’ll become familiar with the main accounting terms (assets, liabilities, owners' equity, expenses, revenues, accounting equation, account, transactions) and rules of recording the most common business transactions (purchase on credit, purchase on cash, sale on credit, sale on cash, depreciation).

We will go through the most common transactions related to expenses and revenues (unrecorded expenses, unrecorded revenues, unearned revenues, and prepaid expenses).

I've designed this course to show you that bookkeeping is "a piece of cake" and everybody can do it. Enjoy!



Bookkeeping - everybody can do it
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