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A Complete Blockchain Tutorial for the Early Experts

Learn Blockchain in-depth and get the skills to develop your own ecosystems in this detailed Blockchain tutorial.
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You will develop a strong understanding about what Blockchain is
You'll learn how Blockchain is being used in different sectors of the industries
You'll get skills to design a Blockchain solution
You'll learn various types of Consensus Mechanisms
You'll understand the Blockchain Architecture and its potential

If you still lack a solid understanding of what Blockchain is, or if you want to start a career in the still-new industry, you need a proper Blockchain tutorial to begin with. Absorbing the content of this Blockchain course, you’ll know how Blockchain is used in different industries, understand its architecture in-depth, and learn the process of designing a Blockchain solution. No more procrastination – let’s get down to business now and learn Blockchain in a professional way!

Why do you need this Blockchain tutorial?

There’s a lot of confusion in the world in terms of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. When I was visiting college students and asked if they knew what Blockchain was, very few raised their hands. And almost everyone knew Bitcoin! The simplest explanation of the two that I like and use often is this: Blockchain is the tech, and Bitcoin is one of the earliest manifestations of its potential.

So, with this Blockchain tutorial, one of my primary goals is to destroy this confusion and provide you with clarity in this subject using the simplest terms. Those who struggle with understanding Blockchain, think of it as a digitalized ledger of all records and transactions, which is given to keep for everyone in the network. If there’s some smart-ass guy who wants to cheat on the system, he will first need to get more than half of the network users to agree to his idea. That is highly impossible, and that makes the technology an excellent solution for many problems in different fields. And! When you know the technology inside out, and you’re able to build those solutions, you’re highly in demand in the growing Blockchain specialists’ market.

What are you going to learn in this Blockchain tutorial?

There’ll be quite a bit of interactiveness in this Blockchain course, including quizzes in the modules. They’ll help you to learn Blockchain on a deeper level. I’ll provide plenty of real-world examples and explain Blockchain’s potential using simple analogies.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how you can utilize Blockchain in different industries and become a sought-after professional if you’re taking your learning serious. Here are the main topics we’re going to discuss and practice for understanding Blockchain in this nearly six hours’ course:

  • After peeking inside what Blockchain is and analyzing real-world examples, you’re going to study how it works, what are wallets, digital signatures and protocols, and how are they used.
  • We’ll compare Blockchain with traditional technologies, and clarify the differences between Blockchain and Bitcoin.
  • You’ll gain a deep understanding of how Blockchain transactions work and what value you can get from the consensus mechanism and its different algorithms.
  • Having understood Blockchain architecture, you’ll start developing your own solution from zero.
  • We’ll discuss the TOP blockchain solutions (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS Blockchains and others) and see what industries need to adopt Blockchain.
  • You’ll also investigate the vulnerabilities of Blockchain and what are the attacks directed at.
  • Finally, after discussing Blockchain’s potential in different industries, we’ll review the scope for the future.
Get the skills to create your own Blockchain ecosystem

This Blockchain tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn Blockchain and use its vast potential in their projects. The technology is growing, with just a tiny fraction of its potential being implemented in the real world, so get the skills before the great eruption of Blockchain application in multiple industries! Be among the earliest Blockchain experts.

A Complete Blockchain Tutorial for the Early Experts
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