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Blender Tree Tutorial: Make 7 Blender Low Poly Trees for Games

3D Christmas, jungle, pine, and even more trees! Blender tree tutorial for beginners - learn how to make 3D trees to use for game backgrounds
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How to Create 7 Different 3D Trees
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How to Use Blender

If you’re an artist, a game creator or just a creative person who’s always interested in trying something new, then this Blender tree tutorial is exactly what you need! You ’ll learn how to make a low-poly tree model together with Kevin Liao from Mammoth Interactive. This is perfect if you’re a beginner and even if you’re not an artist, as I mentioned above, you will be able to create simple Blender trees. This is the ultimate beginner’s course, where you will learn to design Blender tree models to use in games. If you don't know yet, Blender is a free and open source 3D creation set. With Blender, you can create various 3D objects, compositions, simulations, even work with video editing and game creation. Today, we can see low-poly creations everywhere - books, animations, music videos, apps, etc. Shortly, low-poly means that it has a relatively small number of polygons. Low-poly graphics has spread in 2013 and now it's very often used in games creation.

Why should you choose a compact Blender tree tutorial?

A compact course is for people who want to get more in a shorter period of time. It means that rather than spending days of studying, you will start making a tree in Blender in hours. Who wouldn’t want that?  

Before you know it, you will build-up skill-set day-by-day, and get used to learning constantly, it’ll lead you to a better future.

Is it easy to learn how to make a tree in Blender?

Yes, if you follow this Blender tree tutorial. You will know how to make a 3D tree in Blender easily and you will complement your portfolio with pictures of 3D trees that you will create during this Blender low-poly tutorial. Step-by-step you will build new projects: Blender Christmas tree, Blender pine tree, and others, over time and it’ll help you in the future.

You will know how to make a tree in Blender in seven different ways, which you will be able to apply to various projects, especially games. Moreover, you will learn to use the 3D Viewport in Blender so you can effectively view and navigate around objects in your scene. It means that after you will know how to make a tree in Blender, it will be easier for you to continue with other 3D objects and designs.  This Blender low-poly tree tutorial will expand your knowledge and provide you with new possibilities. After Blender low-poly tutorial, you will know how to make a 3D tree that you will be able to use in your projects. So, do not hesitate and start making a tree in Blender!

Are there any requirements to enroll in the Blender tree tutorial?

No previous knowledge is required. This beginner Blender tutorial is for anyone who is creative, eager to learn and wants to expand knowledge in Blender.  You will acquire skills step by step, so you won’t get lost during the process.

To enroll in the Blender tree tutorial, you should make sure that your computer is capable of running Blender 2.78c or higher. Also, before enrolling in the course, you should make sure to download and install Blender (it’s free). Moreover, you should note that this Blender low-poly tutorial course is recorded on Mac, but you can use your PC.

Enroll in this course and start learning how to make a low-poly tree in Blender for your game!

Blender Tree Tutorial: Make 7 Blender Low Poly Trees for Games
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