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Blender Modeling Tutorial: Create a High Poly Jet Plane!

Create a professional 3D model for video games and more! No prior knowledge required. Learn to use Blender and Photoshop with the help of this Blender modeling tutorial
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Learn to Use Blender
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Welcome to the Blender modeling tutorial - the only tutorial that you’ll need to learn 3D modeling! If you’ve never heard about Blender before this point - that’s alright! Since this basic Blender tutorial is designed with beginners in mind, we’ll be able to take it from the very top and work our way from there. For now, I would like to tell you what Blender is and why should you how learn to use it – you’d be surprised how many people underestimate just how beneficial a Blender software tutorial can be for them! If you’re interested, and want to learn how to use Blender and how to make a plane in Blender - great! Learn crafting models in Blender with this course!

Blender Modeling Tutorial - What is Blender and Why Should You Care?

So, first things first. I’ll assume that you’ve never even heard about Blender - and here I am trying to tell you to start learning it! Beneficial as it might be, you’re probably wondering what in the world is it even supposed to be? Well, to put it very simply, Blender is a piece of modeling software that allows you to create amazing models out of artwork. Game designers, architects and everyone in between love and use this program daily – it’s that popular! If you have some Photoshop basics and an aptitude to learn new things, Blender can be your key to a brighter tomorrow!

As you’ll notice once you start studying this Blender modeling tutorial, the program can be used in many different scenarios. If you manage to successfully learn 3D modeling in Blender, you can create architectural designs, game environments and so on - the possibilities are endless! In this Blender modeling tutorial, however, we’ll focus on creating a high poly jet plane. This way, you’ll be able to not only learn theoretical information, but also practice crafting models in Blender along the way!

What You’ll Learn

This Blender modeling tutorial for beginners was funded by an immensely successful Kickstarter project. This just goes to show that a lot of people are motivated to start learning Blender - and they know where to find quality! I have put all of my experience and expertise with Blender into this course - you’ll be able to learn how to use Blender in a concise and interesting way. Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll have the opportunity to learn 3D modeling in an interactive manner! As you study the methods of creating models, importing artwork from Photoshop to Blender and creating blocks, you’ll have the opportunity to create your very first model - a high poly jet plane - in the process. This way, you can both learn to use Blender and create at the same time - something that not a lot of other Blender modeling tutorials offer!

Additionally, this Blender software tutorial is very beginner-friendly. If you have the very fundamental Photoshop basics and both of the programs installed on your computer - great! We’ll take care of everything else as we progress through the course. Even though this Blender modeling tutorial was recorded on a Mac, it makes no difference - you can freely use a Windows machine to learn and perfect your Blender skills. So, don’t falter and dive straight into the course! I’ll see you there!

Blender Modeling Tutorial: Create a High Poly Jet Plane!
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