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Bitcoin for Dummies: Kickstart Your Career as a Bitcoin Investor

An Introductory Course that Teaches Everything You'll Need to Know about Bitcoin for Dummies
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You would probably struggle to find someone who hasn't at least heard about Bitcoin. Over the recent years, it has not only become the staple of cryptocurrency but has also managed to skyrocket cryptocurrencies (as a thing) into the mainstream world! Today, everyone and their dogs have invested some amount of their funds into Bitcoin. If you want to master blockchain basics and learn how does Bitcoin work, you've come to the right place - this "Bitcoin for Dummies" course will teach you all about it!

Bitcoin for Dummies: What is Bitcoin and Why Should You Care?

So why should you even care about Bitcoin? Well, there are plenty of reasons - too many to list here! We'll talk about them extensively in the "Bitcoin for Dummies" course itself, but what you need to know now is that Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the market. It was conceived all the way back in 2009 by a person (or people - no one knows for sure) nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you need more motivation for getting started with Bitcoin, you should also know that at its peak, Bitcoin had almost reached the $20.000 USD line. Now, imagine if you would have figured out how does Bitcoin work a bit earlier and managed to invest in the coin when it was valued at just around a few hundred dollars... The profits would have been unimaginable!

Why Choose This Bitcoin Tutorial??

Let's just say that you're convinced that Bitcoin is the way to go when it comes to crypto investments. You're ready to delve into the world of Bitcoin for beginners and find out all of the amazing secrets that it holds about how cryptocurrency works... But why should you trust this "Bitcoin for Dummies" course? Why can't you just google "how to invest in Bitcoin" and that's it?

Tell me, who would you rather trust - some random guy or girl writing tutorials on the internet, probably having zero real understanding or experience with Bitcoin and how cryptocurrency works, or a guy that has been teaching about cryptocurrencies in a university and has managed to reach a genuine financial freedom through investing in Bitcoin? If you chose the second option - the "Bitcoin for Dummies" course is perfect for you!

Who Can Learn From This Course?

Everyone! No matter if you're just looking for a way to make a few extra bucks on the side, or if you're ready to kickstart your career as a Bitcoin investor - anyone who wants to learn about Bitcoin and master blockchain basics will benefit from the "Bitcoin for Dummies" course. We'll start from the very beginning, discuss the terminology and other general information, and once you have your footing set, we'll be able to move on to the investment part in this Bitcoin tutorial. You'll not only find out how does Bitcoin work, but will also be able to understand the coin's position in the market, when to sell and when to HODL, and much more!

Even though this is a "Bitcoin for beginners" course, even the experienced investor will find valuable information. So, if you're still thinking about getting started with Bitcoin, don't hesitate and jump into the course! I'll see you on the other side!

Bitcoin for Dummies: Kickstart Your Career as a Bitcoin Investor
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