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Bing Advertising: Learn to Create a Sale Boosting Bing Ads Campaign

Find out why Bing Advertising is a good strategy for your business and get your first ad campaign set up quickly
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You'll learn the reasons why you could prefer Bing Ads over Google Adwords
You'll understand how to optimize your settings to get the most clicks and how to choose effective keywords
You'll also learn how to set your bid to stay competitive
You'll find out how to use Campaign Analytics to control and improve your campaigns

Did you know that about 30% of the internet search market in the US belongs to Microsoft? And did you know that after Yahoo search engine acquisition, Microsoft uses Bing and Yahoo search for your Bing marketing campaigns? That’s how you get your ads to reach significant numbers of the audience! Yes, Google is the King on the planet of internet search, but it’s not a single monarch! In this crash course on Bing advertising, you’ll expand your scope of knowledge about how you can use a Bing ads campaign and the reasons why it suits you better than Google because there are more than one.

Bing Ads vs. Google Adwords

Not that long ago, Google has started an assault on affiliate marketing. Many people got their accounts shut down. Facebook is also getting more averse to affiliates, so a lot of people had to move somewhere else. A lot of people have experienced great success with Bing advertising.

An actual fact is that not everybody on the planet is using Google search. Bing has more than 164 million unique searchers, and over 55 million of them never use Google! These are pretty big numbers. What does that mean to you?

Less competition. Fewer advertisers are using Bing, so your Bing ads campaign can be more effective, generating more clicks and sales for you.

Choosing Bing for business, becoming a Bing ads manager, you get in the eyes of the audience which is more willing to buy. Statistics show that Bing and Yahoo searchers spend 23% more money!
If that sounds good enough to start looking for more information on how to advertise on Bing, you’re in the right place. Let’s have a glimpse into what this course on Bing advertising has got waiting for you.

Get the blueprint of successful ad campaigns on Bing Ads

This Bing ads course is a blueprint on how to effectively advertise on Bing Ads. You already know just a few insider secrets of why you should prefer Bing Ads to Google Adwords. Here are the main topics we’ll be covering in this Bing ads course:

  • Pay per click advertising and its benefit for your campaigns. I’ll make sure you’re not alone setting up your Bing Ads account.
  • You’ll create your first ad campaign on Bing. Before you launch, we’ll go through the details of optimizing the settings to get most clicks. I’ll share what you need to know about keyword research so that you choose the right ones. Also, we’ll see how to stay competitive with your ad copy.
  • You’ll learn how to leverage the Campaign Analytics feature to control and improve your Bing for business experience and results. We’ll discuss the means to effectively strengthen your Bing advertising campaigns showing how to optimize impressions, clicks, and conversions. You’ll delve into demographic targeting.

Having the above areas covered makes you unstoppable on any ad platform!

Get the essentials super quickly!

In this Bing ads course, I’ve only included what’s most important in Bing advertising. I’m sure you’ve already got a clearer vision of the benefits of Bing marketing just from reading this Bing ads manager course description, and it took you 2 minutes. Taking this crash course on how to create a great Bing ads campaign, you’ll get the essential information on how to advertise on Bing in less than an hour.

Bing Advertising: Learn to Create a Sale Boosting Bing Ads Campaign
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