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Beginners Guide to Forex Trading

Learn To Trade Forex Market - The Basic Techniques & Fundamentals of Forex Trading. Make extra income trading Forex.
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Have full knowledge and know how of the Forex Trading Industry.
Understanding the terminology associated with Forex Trading.
You will Learn the two most important Forex Analysis: Technical & Fundamental Analysis.
You will know most of the terminology of Forex Trading e.g Bid, Ask, Spread, Equity, CFD, Bullish, Bearish etc.
You will learn substantial information regarding Technical Analysis.

In this course you are going to learn the basic fundamentals of Forex Trading. You will get to learn about the Forex Terminology, like Pips, Spread, Lot Size, Margin, Leverage, and a whole lot of other important terminology related to Forex Trading. Furthermore, you will learn and understand the basic types of Market Analysis which are Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.

I thoroughly explain how the Forex Market works, so that you are able to grasp and have a strong foundation for your Forex Trading journey. You will also learn how to read the Economic Calendar and also understanding and reading of the Candlestick Chart and candle structure. You will also get to learn the basics of Technical analysis and price action. The foundations you need to be able to perfom a proper market analysis, read and understnad market structure. After completion you will be able to perform basics of Forex Trading. 

I will also be adding new lectures to the course constantly, at no extra cost to you! This course will continue to grow and grow over time.

Take this course now and learn from my 6+ years of experience. Avoid the most common pitfalls that catch 90% of Retail Traders!

This course is for complete beginners! All you need is an open mind and a passion to be successful!

This course comes with: 

· Unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs.

· All future additional lectures, bonuses in this course will always be free

· I'm always available to you if you get stuck or have a question.

This is the first in line of a series of course that I will be uploading. So this is basically the foundation course where you will learn the basics and have a clear understanding of Forex Trading in general.

Enroll to the course today and start this incredible journey. See you inside!

Beginners Guide to Forex Trading
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