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Basics of Visual Merchandising and Store Design

Basics of Visual Merchandising and Store Design
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What Is Visual Merchandising
Relation between VMD and Sales Performance
Elements of Visual Merchandising
Tips for Effective Window Display
Types of Store Layouts

The primary aim of ‘Visual Merchandising’ is on the visual presentation of goods in retail stores. Hence, the Visual Merchandising lays stress upon visual elements as they help to seize the attention of consumers. So, Visual Merchandising can be defined as the finest presentation of merchandise using a balance of color, coordination, accessorization and self-explanatory displays. 

Therefore, Visual Merchandising is a merchandising technique that involved the effective use of visual elements. Here, visual elements refer to lighting, colors and signage. So, visual merchandising is the art of using visual communications in the designing of an environment. Visual Merchandising is a crucial aspect of any retail store because it helps to create a positive influence on the purchasing behavior of consumers by creating an inviting atmosphere that draws people into the store and also keeps them there longer. Hence, it is the visual merchandising of a retail store that stops people in their tracks and admire a window display.

Retailers should try out new and exciting elements to instil energy and excitement among their consumers through the use of unique elements such as large display videos, graphics, music and lighting that help create a unique atmosphere and shopping experience. 

Visual Merchandising has a direct correlation to the sales performance of a retail store.
The Visual Merchandising of a retail store helps to build the brand image of the store.
So, it is the Visual Merchandising that draws the consumers to a store and keeps them there and makes them spend time and money.

Visual merchandising creates a positive influence on the consumer buying behavior.
Hence, an efficient and effective visual merchandising can directly influence and increase the sales figures and performance of a retail store. 

Visual Merchandising is about everything that the customer sees; both exterior and interior; that creates a positive image of a retail business and results in attention, interest, desire and action on the part of the customer.

Basics of Visual Merchandising and Store Design
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