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Basic Python Programming for Beginners: The Complete Guide

Learn Python from scratch in less than three hours with the guidance of a professional coder!
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Basic Python programming
Using Python for data analytics
Using Jupyter Notebook and IPython

If you have been following the IT world for the last few years, you might have noticed an incredible rise in popularity the Python language. According to its TIOBE index, it’s currently the third most popular programming language in the world, surpassing PHP, JavaScript, SQL, C++, C#, and tons of others. Would you like to join the wave, too?

A professional programmer Tamer Ahmed has prepared a basic Python course for everyone who wishes to learn Python from scratch. By following the informative video lessons, you can achieve this goal in less than three hours!

Why it’s worth to get to know Python fundamentals

If you are still unsure whether you should be taking a Python course, let us tell you the popularity of the language is certainly not coincidental. There are multiple reasons why it’s worth for every aspiring coder to master at least the basic Python:

  • It’s universal: being a general-purpose language, Python allows you to work with web development, game development, desktop, and mobile apps.
  • It’s cross-platform: you don’t need to introduce any changes to the basic Python code to make it work equally well on Windows, Mac, or Linux OS.
  • It’s extendable: with Python, you get an unmatched choice of libraries to select from, allowing you to simplify a multitude of tasks.
  • It’s fast and high level, so it’s an excellent choice for data sciences, including machine learning.
  • It’s easy to learn: due to simple and very readable syntax, it’s a perfect choice for a first programming language to learn and often used an introduction to coding for students.
Python from scratch: installation, introduction, concepts

Tamer Ahmed created this Python course with absolute beginners in mind: no prior knowledge or experience is required. You will start by downloading and installing all the software necessary for basic Python work. An industry professional will guide you through every step, making sure the process is smooth, and you don’t run into any hiccups!

Next, you will learn the Python fundamentals:

  • Data types, operators, and variables;
  • Structures, including lists, tuples, and sets;
  • Loops, if statements, and error handling;
  • Functions;
  • File management and modules.

At the end of the tutorial, you will also find a project – a Color Choices game. Using a basic Python application example, you will surely find it easier to understand how to use Python for building your own projects and making your unique ideas a reality.

Learn to use Jupyter Notebook and IPython!

In this course, you will be using Jupyter Notebook to write your code. It is a web application that allows you to write and share your code in Python, Julia, and R programming languages. Just like with Python, the instructor will explain each step of beginning to work with the software, including the download and installation process.

By mastering one of the most powerful and widely used coding languages in the world, you will not only raise your chances of finding your dream job but also get much more confident about programming in general. Take the course now and leave the doubts behind – you too can become a professional developer!

Basic Python Programming for Beginners: The Complete Guide
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