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Bash Scripting Tutorial 101: Automate Tasks Now!

Learn the fundamentals of task automation in this Bash guide for beginners: start scripting and working efficiently on Linux
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Bash and shell fundamentals
How to perform Bash scripting
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Bash (short for Bourne Again Shell) script refers to a plain text file with a set of instructions that you send to the Bash shell. Bash, on its own, is a command language interpreter. Do these definitions sound confusing? This is precisely why you came here, and I am pleased to tell you that this Bash scripting tutorial is everything you need to fully understand the concept of Bash programming. 

In this Bash guide for beginners, we will be looking at the use of the shell script and prove that Bash programming is a necessity for any Linux system administrator. The fundamentals discussed in this course are key to you comfortably using the terminal on the Unix-like operating systems. 

The Bash shell script is typically applied when people need to implement various system administration tasks. For instance, it allows you to automate various actions and quickly perform time-critical tasks. While the use of Bash scripting might be confusing at first, this Bash guide for beginners will start from helping you create a user in the Bash environment. With each lesson, you will become more prepared to use Bash scripting regularly. 

Main terms for you to know

In this Bash scripting tutorial, I will provide you with hands-on experience with Bash, giving you plenty of opportunities to write commands and practice. To make your learning journey less stressful, you should review the terminology that is used when talking about Bash scripting. If you know these terms when starting this course, the lectures will become easier to follow. 

  • To learn Bash scripting properly, you need to pay attention to details and the definitions that might confuse you otherwise. The terminal window you open contains shell. The shell interpreter takes the command you write and translates it to the language your computer device understands. Then, the operating system performs the action you instructed. 
  • Shell scripting, not necessarily Bash, refers to the process of writing a program for the shell to run. The result, or the shell script, is the program you write. Consequently, the shell executes the shell script once you run it by entering the name of the script on the command line. Do not worry: this course will show you how to write a Bash script, and the best place to start is to automate small tasks. 
  • Scripting is an extremely useful process of automating repetitive tasks. As a system administrator, there are tasks that you are expected to perform daily. Therefore, in this Bash scripting tutorial, you will come face-to-face with the useful techniques of automating shell interactions. 
What will you find in this Bash scripting tutorial?

There is a setup necessary to prepare for this Bash scripting tutorial. However, I will show you some of the necessary steps you need to take. Additionally, you can either have a Linux operating system installed or choose another option. For instance, you can use software for virtualization and run several operating systems in one device. 

Furthermore, I will cover all the basics necessary to learn Bash scripting. To keep things more practice-oriented, I will aim to show every piece of theory in action. Therefore, the process explaining the steps for how to write a Bash script will include the actual creation of the file, not just general tips. 

Bash Scripting Tutorial 101: Automate Tasks Now!
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