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Batting Location Charts with Vagrant and MySQL

Use R and MySQL together to create batting location charts from large data sets.
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install MySQL on a Ubuntu machine.
perform basic administrative tasks in MySQL.
use the vi program to edit the MySQL configuration file.
perform port-forwarding with Vagrant.
scrape hit location data from PITCHf/x.
query MySQL from R.

This course is about working with large sets of PITCHf/x data to create batting location charts. We use R to scrape and visualize the data and MySQL to store the data. The course includes lessons on how to install a virtual Ubuntu machine, how to install MySQL, how to perform basic MySQL administrative tasks, and how to connect R and MySQL.

It would be best if you have some knowledge of R and ggplot. This can be obtained through my previous three courses in baseball analytics. However, it might be possible to follow along without this.

At a relaxed pace, the course should take about two weeks to complete.

Batting Location Charts with Vagrant and MySQL
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