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Barefoot Doctor's Qigongo

Qigongo-long In-Depth Daily Qigong System Love and honor yourself and the miracle of your existence each and every
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At the end of the course you will have a daily martial art routine based on the four Taoist martial arts. this will boost you health, improve muscle tone, increase your confidence, bring you sharpened focus, better and more youthful looks, and the chi of a thousand warriors

Love and honor yourself and the miracle of your existence each and every day with this easy and quick to learn, fun to follow, unique and positively addictive, in-depth daily qigong system drawn from all four Taoist martial arts

Boosts your health, longevity, stamina

Improves muscle tone, organ function, musculo-skeletal function, brain function

Increases your confidence, strength and resilience, suppleness and flexibility of body and mind

Brings you sharpened focus, brighter eyes, better vision, better hearing, better feeling, better memory, a clearer mind… uhm, oh yes:

Better and more youthful looks, increased courage, more stabilized emotions, a more adventuresome life, and lest we not forget, lastly but mostly,

The chi of a thousand warriors

These claims may sound too numerous and hyperbolic to be true and they're not (too numerous or hyperbolic to be true). To the contrary, if anything the above is an understatement. Not in the content or meaning of the message but in the context or medium in which it's conveyed. Because…

No amount of words, however adroitly chosen or deployed can go anywhere near conveying the startling effects of practicing this qigong system even once let alone every day

Truly, with no exaggeration, I put the fact that I'm still here on the planet at all down to the fact I've practiced Qigongo, Barefoot Doctor's In-Depth Qigong System every day without fail, bar just three or four days I can think of, for the past 40 years, and even though I'm him and therefore a tad biased, I can truly say it's the most effective, powerful, fast-acting, no-nonsense system of qigong I've ever heard of, save perhaps for one or two more extreme versions involving lifting heavy weights tied to the scrotum, and leaning your throat with your entire bodyweight behind it on the sharp blade of a sword, but then attaining to this level of skill is generally over-egging it a bit and mostly of little practical use in everyday life, unless of course you find yourself (as a non-neutered male) obliged to carry a heavy weight and your hands are full, or need a first line of defense against someone slitting your throat (and still have your hands full).

So call me a bit suburban if you will, but as far as I'm concerned, and I've had a few decades to prove it to myself, though I'd not rate my chances in lifting much by virtue of my scrotum aside perhaps from my mood momentarily, indirectly speaking, the enhanced self-cultivation this practice has and does afford me is astonishing.

Qigongo – what exactly is it?

QIGONG0 is my nick name for the daily qigong training I do every day of my life without fail, as the bedrock of my health, sanity, and stamina – because it's QIGONG and it gives you GO, pulls you out of the most slammed states, is perfect for dissolving hangovers of all sorts, increases your positivity no end, makes you look and feel more and more trim and youthful the older you get, and serves as the perfect milieu in which to viscerally experience, enjoy and take full benefit from all the inner game methods I share with you – moving into and from your back, sinking your weight, and all the principles and devices contained in the SUPERHEALING, PSYCHOLOGY OF FEAR, AND INNER ALCHEMY (School for Warriors) trainings and in the satsangs.

QIGONGO brings it all alive like nothing else. Start the day with QIGONGO and you can't go wrongo, and this is not said for the sake of rhyme alone.

QIGONGO is vastly different from other available qigong trainings which are either namby pamby, flowery, wet and sold as relaxation tools, and which overlook the strengthening aspect altogether, or too esoteric and riddled with mystification for anyone but qi-obsessives to gain any lasting value from.

QIGONGO is direct and to the point. Unlike other trainings it draws from all four Taoist internal boxing styles, Hsing Yi, Pa Kua, Tai Chi and White Crane, and systematically strengthens both the yin and the yang, both the core and the surface, both the bones and the muscles, both the vital organs and the bowels, both the mind and the motion, progressively and exponentially more with each passing day's practice.

Most qigong tends to be soft and sweet. But that's only one side of the story. For the full effect you need both the soft and the hard,the yin and the yang.

Once you start, unless you're extremely contrary and strong willed to your detriment, you're so swiftly hooked you can't actually imagine how you could possibly function without it.

Of course you can but only as a regular human – it's the superhuman (for want of a better word) dimension the practice affords you that's hard to do without once you're hooked. Not to mention the remarkable increase of ease and vivacity of your joints and muscles and general comfort in your skin, as well as all the aforementioned boons.

Qigong – What exactly is it?

Qi (pronounced chi) to spell key – means literally breath. However it alludes to something far more complex than we normally think of as breath. It means the power of all the motion of the universe, the breath of the cosmos.

Gong means work or intervention.

Qigong is the art of channeling or funneling the qi through your body-mind complex to give you the same internal power as all the motion of the universe – to fuel you, provide stamina, endurance, immunity, strength, flexibility, poise, equilibrium and unwavering cheerfulness.

Before such activation whenever you've wanted something your qi has been unconsciously, automatically mobilized in the direction of the object of your desire. This didn't mean you always got what you wanted, but simply that chi was mobilized every time.

However, be trained to actively intervene in the flow of chi and your capacity for intending things into real-life being increases exponentially. And because the chi is flowing more freely, fluently and forcibly through all parts of you including your brain, cleansing wherever it passes and freeing up toxins, your natural propensity for wanting things that are in accord with the 'great flow' grows as your tendency to want things that jar the 'great flow' wanes proportionately.

Qi - energy imbued with intention - is the active ingredient of true magic, whether using it to heal, or to prosper in any other way. Learn to channel chi and you're channeling with the Tao itself. And no better business partner can you have.

Qigong - how did it originate?

Once upon a time long, long ago, something happened but no one remembers what so they all made up loads of stories about it, many of which you'll find by googling it, some of which may even contain kernels of truth, but the actual truth is no one's really got a clue how qigong originated.

Qigong was developed as preparation for martial arts practice (Hsing I, Pa Kua, Tai Chi, and White Crane), but because martial arts require huge commitment and qigong relatively far less, it's become a de facto separate training system to martial arts, in recent decades.

Just practicing qigong, the health and wellbeing benefits are enormous without ever having to learn how to fight.

Personally I'd feel bereft not to practice the fighting forms each day directly after the qigong, as they comprise for me the free-flight thrill of an eagle soaring way up high, or the controlled excitement of the racing driver laps ahead of all fellow contenders. As well as which I like feeling well-prepared for most eventualities including the possibility of having to diffuse the occasional incident, without overly exerting or straining myself.

However if really rushed for whatever reason, I'll always prioritize the qigong practice over the fighting forms. I can go a day without fighting practice and feel utterly fine bar a feint yearning. But going without qigong for me would be like spending the day walking in the hot desert without anything to drink. That's how addicted I am – my name's Barefoot and I'm a qigong-addict, and I'm proud of it (hyphenated phrase used there to preclude any unscrupulous jealous scumbag of a journalist pejoratively lifting my phrases out of context as they've sometimes been want to do).

But enough about me, let's focus on you and how it will look, you practicing this qigong, and how it will look you training in it in the first place.

QIGONGO in-depth qigong training - what does it comprise?

Up at 4am, run 18 miles naked with a moderately heavy weight attached to your genitals – not.

In fact though extremely incisive in the sense of getting right to the nub of your personal bio-machinery and adjusting it with true precision and rapid effect, QIGONG-GO, Barefoot Doctor's Online In-Depth Qigong Training is a respectful sophisticated and elegant affair – a system built for intelligent adults, not a punishment course designed to break your spirit and then build you back up as a foot soldier. Far from it. This is proper advanced major-general level fare.

Six weeks, six sets of exercises

Training consists of an initial phase lasting just six weeks during which, assuming you don't f**k about too much and get on with it relatively diligently and methodically, you'll learn all the fundamental moves of the six main sections including the healing sounds as combined with the five element movements of Hsing Yi, leading up to the basic but rightly renowned standing still, holding-an-invisible-friend-in-your-arms meditation.

This comprises the full training less various subtle nuances, refinements and additions to the six main sections, impossible to take in in the main training stage without going doolally from information overload, the full training in the healing sounds due its own showcase as a separate entity, and the nei-gong or internal work, half of which you'll know already if having completed School for Warriors 1,2, & 3, the other half of which is also due its own show as a separate or more advanced entity. And the same goes for training in the Tai Chi as a way of following up on this training, and/or School for Warriors – just to put it all perspective and context for you, as was initially intended.

Follow my leader

The training is all done standing, though if physically up against it in that respect, can all or partially be effectively trained sitting down if necessary.

Minimum requirement will be watching and playing follow my leader with the film each day till you've got the moves down and then practicing them without the film, but checking back regularly in case you've misinterpreted anything and have gone wildly off course.

This practice session will take about ten minutes – once in the morning before going out to play with the world, and ideally again at night once you're done with all the noise.

This is an average duration. Some days the film is only three minutes long other days much longer. Some days you just learn one move, other days, a few. There's a reason for this (all to do with honoring the yin-yang flow) and derives from decades of teaching the system so knowing where to ease up and where to pile on the moves. So though not symmetrical in the short-term overall it has perfect symmetry, so go with it.

Making it yours

ach day you'll practice the moves already learned and then tag on the new one/s, then the following week, you'll continue practicing these moves while also learning the next group. And so on, so that by the time you arrive at week six, it'll be requiring perhaps one hour of your time each day, maybe a bit less. But as soon as week seven comes and you've completed the training, the entire practice without the training aspect will take approximately just 23 minutes each morning, and ideally (especially if you want super-rapid results) 23 minutes again at night, but the morning session is the crucial one.

Once you've made each section yours and especially once you've completed the training and made the entire system yours, and are therefore no longer restricted by having to be close to a screen or vice versa, you can do the practice outside, inside or in your lady's chamber, which is especially pleasant in clement weather and is a wonderful reason to get yourself out in the open air no matter the time of year, also healthy in itself.

Results – how fast will you see them?

This said, incidentally, according to corroborative feedback of all participants I've taught the system to at all my retreats (as it forms the basis of the retreat work), who've had the gumption to continue daily practice, which blessedly happens to be the majority (that's how addictive this is so beware).

What makes this in-depth system unique?

Me. You. The qigong moves themselves. The in-depthness of it. And aside from me having practiced it daily for longer and with more frequency than most contemporary teachers have had hot dinners, hence having an in-depth handle on it by dint of sheer repetition alone, and aside from having had forty years experience at teaching it, hence a well-honed ability to convey it with sufficient clarity and delight, the fact that unlike other trainings around, it's utterly mumbo-jumbo- and mystification-free, it's utterly non-flowery, it's utterly to the point, and perhaps most importantly it's the only system I know of that works in such a focused way on both yin (soft) aspect qigong, and the yang (hard) aspect qigong, whereas the others tend to focus merely on the soft. Which is all well and good if you're a pastry but to be a well-honed superhuman you need the both.

Moreover qigong is marketed as a relaxation tool, as it's an easy sell to exercise-lazy stressed people. However...

Marketing QIGONGO qigong as a relaxation tool would be like marketing a million dollar Bugatti as a relaxation tool because it has comfortable seats to recline in.

Yes you'll be far more relaxed by doing it, but not in a soft, floppy, chinos-plus- denim-shirt dress-down Friday twee decaffeinated frappuccino sort of way, but in an actively relaxed, yet alert way, like a true Samurai warrior of the modern world, not just some human yoga mat.

During each session, you get to thrust back into the depths of your being and discern, clarify and focus your intention. So you can determine the after-effect of the session.

Hence no matter how vigorous the moves you've practiced, or rather how vigorously you've practiced the moves, if you've been doing a night time practice you can angle the effect to calm you and prepare you for a sound night's sleep, but determine your morning practice to provide you endless drive, enthusiasm and stamina for the day.

Hence there's no need for the nonsense purveyed by some teachers in suggesting separate morning and evening routines, as this approach is just for babies.

There is only one routine, practice it each morning without fail, and then practice it as often as you like at any time of day or night you like, or not as the case may be, just as long as you fulfill the minimum daily morning practice requirement.

This stuff is pure magic but it takes more than imagining yourself waving your magic wand – you do actually have to do the practice.

And if you do, all the rewards you can possibly imagine and more will be yours, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, and who knows if you really go for it, century after century.

Six weeks of in-depth training 

One set of exercises released each week covering

• Introduction

• Set 1 - Waterwheel, Twisty-whisty, The Bird, the Taoist Foxtrot, Side Bend

• Set 2 - Tiger Claw, One Inch Punch, Slow Rolling Punch, Punching Behind You, Hip Punch, Curling Chest Expander, Rolling The Sky, Head Turner, Taking the Tiger Down To The Shops, Hanging Forwards & The Deer, Swinging Arms

• Set 3 - The Bear, The Hawk, The Tiger, The Rooster, The Dove

• Set 4 - Surrender, Upper Body, Core Strength

• Set 5 - Healing Sounds

• Set 6 - Alignment, Monkeying Around, Self Massage, Closing

• The Run Through


PLEASE NOTE: though the exercises are all gentle and easily doable by people of all ages and states of fitness, aside from obvious injuries or impediments that would make the practice unviable, and the risk of injury is so slight it's almost not worth mentioning, you must nevertheless take full responsibility for yourself in doing the training, and practice the moves exactly as instructed to avoid even that small chance of mishap. If in any doubt whatsoever consult your medical practitioner

Can't go wrongo with Barefoot Doctor’s QIGONGO

In-Depth Daily Qigong System

Barefoot Doctor's Qigongo
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