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Everything you need to know about your Barefoot Horses success!
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Hoof care and Hoof Health
Anatomy of the Hoof
Equine Diet & Digestion as it relates to the Hoof
Pathology of the Hooves
Barefoot Horse Keeping and Lifestyles
Basic Trimming Techniques
Refinement Trimming Techniques
Alternative Hoof Protection Devices and Strategies

Barefoot Basics is a NEW kind of Hoof learning experience.

The Rise of the 'Owner Trimmer'
Many Barefoot courses out there are designed to certify you to a professional or pre-professional level.   These courses employ complex, scientific terminology and jargon which can be confusing to everyday horse owners. I know you want to help your horses hooves.  I know you want to understand your horses hooves, your horses soundness, and you want to not be scared of hooves anymore.

Barefoot Basics has distilled all the complex science of the amazing sensory organ called the Equine Hoof, into COMMON LANGUAGE.
We believe that barefoot instruction and education provided in layman's terms is the best way to empower horse owners to participate and take charge of their horses barefoot hoofcare.

Enter the age of the OWNER TRIMMER!  Horse owners who know how to trim their own horses hooves.  There may be times when you need to call your local professional to check your work or support you in the event of disease or pathology.  But the goal is to liberate you from Trimmers bills and empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to create a sound barefoot horse.

BAREFOOT BASICS is designed to teach you ALL ASPECTS that contribute to the soundness and success of your horses hooves.  Hooves are connected to your horses entire body health and well being so therefore you will learn COMPREHENSIVELY but in clear and easy language about:
- Anatomy of the hoof
- Diet and Digestion and how it related to the hoof.
- Pathology and Diseases of the hoof
- Barefoot Horse Keeping and Lifestyles

Many things must work together to improve your horses hoof health and soundness.  In this course your comprehensive, but easy to understand theoretical lessons combine with handy visual learning aids and additional resources for deeper study to arm you with everything you need to succeed.

Learn to Trim
BAREFOOT BASICS offers you two types of trims to learn.  

The Basic Trim.   Involving two tools and three simple techniques.   The basic trim is the perfect maintenance trim that can supplement visits from your local Hoofcare provider.  Research shows that shorter times in between trims, trimming more regularly with smaller trims, improves your horses hoof health.  The Basic Trim gives you a neutral, simple and easy way to maintain hooves in between visits from your trusted local professional.

The Refinement Trim.  Taking the next steps from the Basic techniques, the Refinement Trim is designed to equip you with the technique, the eye and the ability to creatively problem solve potential hoof growth issues, and possible take on your horses hoofcare completely! Of course, there may be times when you need a professional to check your progress.  But perhaps you live in a remote location, or a location with limited numbers of Barefoot Trimmers, but you want your hooves to be as good as possible.

Nobody loves your horse more than you.  Nobody wants your horse to be pain-free and healthy more than you.  YOU are the best person to be in charge of your horses hoofcare.  All you need is the right teacher!  That is why I am here for you!

Owner Trimmer Support Group
Your journey to independence as an owner trimmer is best done with your hand held by a professional you trust. 
When you reach the end of BAREFOOT BASICS you are invited onto a facebook community; HOOF SCHOOL ONLINE.  HSO is a Owner Trimmer Support and education group.  It is the perfect companion to BAREFOOT BASICS.  This is a learning program where I teach you exactly how to apply the techniques to your unique individual horse. Hooves are like snowflakes.  They all have similar patterns but each one is unique.  Because you are not a certified professional, but just trimming your own horses, you can learn exactly what your unique hooves need, when they need them and how to progress them to Barefoot Excellence.

HOOF SCHOOL ONLINE has already a proven track record with clients on a Global Scale and already taught many horse owners the skills that liberated them from Trimming bills, and saved their horses soundness.  BAREFOOT BASICS invites you to play a bit deeper, and take the next step in skill acquisition and ownership empowerment.

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