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Bare Metal Programming Kinetis KL25 ARM Cortex-M0+ Processor

Mastering the Embedded Firmware Programming using NXP KL25 Freedom Development Board (FRDM-KL25)
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ARM Cortex-M0+ Architecture
Embedded System Fundamentals
Kinetis KL25 ARM Microcontroller
General Purpose Input / Output ( GPIO )
GPIO Output Configuration & RGB LED Interfacing
GPIO Input Configuration & Key Input Handling
Interrupt Handling, Vector, Service Routine
Low Power Timer ( LPTMR )
Periodic Interrupt Timer
GPIO based DHT11 Temperature Sensor Interfacing
Kinetis Software Development Kit
Eclipse based MCU Expresso IDE
Analog to Digital Converter and Interfacing with sensors
MH MQ-2 Gas Sensor Interfacing and Smoke Detection Implementation
Inter Integrated Circuit ( I2C )
I2C device driver for MMA8451Q Inertial Sensor
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
USB-to-UART device interfacing and communication with Teraterm

1. ARM Cortex-M0+ Processor Architecture and Bus Models

2. Kinetis KL25 Micro Controller

3. MCUXpresso IDE and NXP Kinetis KL25 Freedom Development Platform

4. General Purpose Input Output

5. Interrupt Handling, Vectors and Service Routine

6. Timer ( KL25 Low Power Timer, Periodic Interrupt Timer )

7. DHT11 Temperature / Humidity Sensor

8. Analog to Digital Convertor

9. MH MQ-2 Gas Sensor

10. Inter Integrated Circuit Interface

11. MMA8451 Accelerometer

12. Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter

13. USB-UART TTL Interface and Teraterm access

Bare Metal Programming Kinetis KL25 ARM Cortex-M0+ Processor
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