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Banking Domain And Payments - Bootcamp 2021

Retail Banking, Corporate banking, Treasury Operation and Payments
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Will be able to design/test/develop banking softwares more efficiently.
Financial System
Financial Institutions
Types of Financial Institution
Financial Services
Financial Instrument
Credit Unions, Bank, S&P
Basics of Banking
Deposit and Loans
Account types
Credit Process
Corporate Banking
Retail Banking
US Banking

This course covers fundamental of banking and payments.

This will also help you in understanding the infrastructure of banking system.

This course will equip you with the concept of banking including retail banking, corporate banking and treasury operations.

This course starts from basic building block of financial institutions and explains you the each and every function of financial institutions including banking terminologies.

In this course you will learn:

  • Retail banking

  • Corporate Banking

  • Financial System

  • Financial Institution

  • Financial Market

  • Financial Instrument

  • Financial Services.

  • Credit Union

  • Credit/Deposit Creation

  • US banking regulations

  • Clearing and Settlement

  • CTS

  • Account types and account opening process

Banking Domain And Payments - Bootcamp 2021
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