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Banking And Credit Card Transactions In QuickBooks

Learn Every Possible Banking And Credit Card Related Transaction In QuickBooks
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Record any transaction that effects the companies bank account
Record any transaction that effects the companies credit card account
Use tools like the register window to manage the bank account
Find and fix any banking related mistake
Print checks from quickbooks and manage check numbers
Fix problems related to customer's bounced checks (nsf checks)
Record cash investement and withdraws in to QuickBooks
Interpret QuickBooks Reports Related to bankng

This QuickBooks training course includes an explanation of every possible banking situation that a QuickBooks user may encounter. Every company that uses QuickBooks will need at least some, if not all, of these QuickBooks topics. The tutorial videos include instruction on: entering and fixing ANY kind of deposit, entering and fixing ANY kind of reduction to the bank account, printing checks from QuickBooks, and the most "in demand" topic that relates to QuickBooks banking, managing bounced checks. You will learn how to use the "bounced check" tool as well as the traditional way that QuickBooks would handle NSF checks from customers or clients. The QuickBooks learning even includes QuickBooks credit card transactions such as charges and credit card payments. For both bank accounts and credit card accounts, you will see and experience how to use the QuickBooks register window. This is one of the most helpful tools in QuickBooks.

There are 'follow along files” for each lecture so you can follow step by step. This makes learning QuickBooks Easy and fun.

The course is made with QuickBooks desktop for windows. However, the ideas apply to QuickBooks online as well as QuickBooks for Macintosh and Enterprise solutions.

I'm right here for you if you have any questions or need support. I hope you learn well and enjoy the course!


Banking And Credit Card Transactions In QuickBooks
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