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Banking primer for management consultants

Learn how banks work in 30 minutes
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Learn the fundamentals of banking industry

Primerli offers concise industry primers tailored to the needs of consultants and advisors in all specializations (investment bankers, accountants, lawyers, marketers etc.). Founded by former management consultants, Primerli has one simple goal: to get you up to speed on an industry in under an hour. Our primers deliver the most relevant information in the most efficient way, so you can understand your client’s environment quickly.

This course will include fun animated videos and interactive real life scenarios and show you how banking industry works in under and hour.

From the income statement to the operating model, almost everything about banks is different from a typical company. Even though most of us use banks on a daily basis, we know little about how they operate. This primer will give you a closer look into how banks work by answering the following questions :

  • Why does the banking system exist?

  • What are the different business units within a bank?

  • What are banks' revenue sources?

  • Explaining bank balance sheets

  • What types of risks do banks have to manage?

  • What are the key metrics used to monitor banks' performance?

  • How does the banking system work?

The target audience is business professionals with no prior background in banking industry. If you have some experience in the industry, this course may be too basic for you.

We hope you enjoy the primer. If you like the course , please don't forget leave feedback .

Banking primer for management consultants
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