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Banish Your Overwhelm Declutter Your Home

Proven & Simple ADHD Declutter & Organising Methods, From an ADHD Coach, who has ADHD and Lives the ADHD Success Life
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Learn how to part with your clutter with ease
Create simple systems in your home and office that work for your ADHD brain.
How to open your life to new energy and new opportunities
Become more self-confident

Are you a woman with ADHD or  ADHD tendencies?

Are you a  busy professional mum, struggling to balance your life and the life of your ADHD child? 

Only you know of the dark side lurking behind your front door. The clutter, the mess and general chaos. I know, because I have ADHD myself.  I have struggled mightily for many years to find systems that work for my brain. I searched high and low. I have found the answers. There is currently only one layer of mess and clutter  in my home...with my 5 ADHD children...

If you have ADHD then you understand what a daily achievement that is...

Let me share with you how I came to create this course.  My friend told me that for sure I could create a course on Udemy. I looked at her as if she was crazy! What? Me? Then I thought about it and decided to rise to the challenge - in 30 days... I created this course to prove to myself that I can learn a new skill in under 30 days.... and to keep myself focused on a project that would give my brain a buzz  during the (yes sometimes boring)  summer holidays with my  wonderful family... It was really challenging and fun!  I had to learn lots of new skills, climb over many walls,  and go through a lot of red tape. Yay! I did it!! I finished it!!!

The videos have been broken down into bite size, short and focused content. Each video shedding light on another aspect of decluttering and organising.

Move through in your own time.

If you have learned one and only one new idea in this course, and successfully implemented it in your life, then it will have been worth it.

You can create your successful ADHD life. I will show you how.

I can't wait to meet you on the inside of this course!

Banish Your Overwhelm Declutter Your Home
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