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Ballet for Tiny Tots

Basic ballet steps for tiny tots ages 4-6 years old
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Basic steps and movements for beginner ballet

This course will teach your little ones basic ballet steps and technique in a fun way. Each class has a different theme to help kids learn in a fun way while exercising. These basic ballet techniques will also help your child develop fine motor and gross motor skills; musicality; imagination; co-ordination and develop muscle tone. They won’t even notice that they are working out.

There is a step-by-step guide for each exercise with an explanation video that you can follow along with at your own pace. Then dance through the exercise with music after you have mastered the steps. The course is designed as a normal ballet class that would run in a studio setting. Now you can bring the studio home to you. Go at your own pace and learn ballet during the holidays as a fun activity or just as an extra mural activity at home with friends and family or on your own. No equipment is needed, just a small floor area in your lounge or garage where you can dance and follow along with the video.

Various levels of this course will be released throughout the year so that you can continue to grow and learn more ballet techniques.

Ballet for Tiny Tots
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