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Ballad Master - Ballad Style Piano Course

The fascinating magic of the Ballad Style on the piano
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Specifications of Harmony in Ballad style
Basic ballad chords and regularities of the style that will allow you to better feel the style, pick up music in this style
Use your knowledge to write your own compositions
Rhythm of the Ballad style
Improvisation basics in Ballad Style
Several kinds of ballad-style accompaniment

Everyone remembers songs such as "Yesterday" by "Beatles", or "Hotel California" from "Eagles". They excite our hearts and make us empathize and even cry. It's not so easy to play the piano like this, as it seems. I do not want banalities in the spirit of the "three chords". I want to make a beautiful introduction, quality accompaniment with a beautiful rhythmic pattern, mixed with improvisation and a decent ending. Much can be found in the notes, but for each song there are a million different arrangements that can be played, suitable for you that is not easily found over the internet.
The course BALLAD-MASTER reveals all the features of the ballad-style, including the construction of the right chords, the movement of harmony, accompaniment with beautiful rhythm, features improvisation in the ballad style, the formation of the introduction and ending. You can develop your own style of playing favorite songs and melodies and in the future, use ballad style, even in "Unbrake My Heart"... You will only need to know or pick up the chords of the song, and after, you can arrange the song yourself. Down with the notes! Play what you wanted for a long time!

Ballad Master - Ballad Style Piano Course
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