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Training Exercises for Extreme Athletes - Board Sports

You will learn how to: energize your body, balance your center of gravity, fall correctly, absorb impact, + more
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Breathing Techniques
Roots Technique
Absorbing Shock Techniques
Falling Techniques
Board Balancing Techniques
Self Healing Techniques

Train to withstand great amounts of force/impact encountered in the nature of snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding.

1) Phase One - Introduction for All Levels

· Fire Path Breathe – A guided breathe mediation to invoke the spirit and charge the body up with ENERGY.

· Roots – Roots is the connection between you and the earth. We will practice balancing techniques as a group so you can work on your root strength.

·Absorption – Envision your body as a spring the spring moves up and down and the spring can twist from side to side at the hips. Learning how to operate your spring.

· Falling Techniques – Learning proper falling techniques you will be able to respond better in the case of an accident.

· Board Balancing – There are several types of riding postures and balancing techniques.

· Heal the Body – Find a place on the mat to roll into child’s pose and flip on the mat and then lead the ENERGY through the body with the mind.

Training Exercises for Extreme Athletes - Board Sports
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