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Baking Bootcamp

Fundamentals of Pastry at Home
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French Pastry

Pastry Arts can be intimidating

‍Are you a great home cook, but just haven’t taken the time to attempt desserts at home? Are you intimidated by baking recipes? Do you believe that baking is a science, and one wrong move will leave you with wasted time and ingredients?

In this course, I’ll show you how to tackle a range of baking recipes to increase your confidence and demystify the Pastry Arts. From cookie dough to ganache, pie to cake, we’ll cover staple techniques that will improve your baking knowledge and make successful baking at home a reality.

Dessert recipes can be misleading

There’s a difference between reading a page of instructions and seeing a recipe being made in real time. The nuances of measuring, folding, whipping and baking can make the difference between a fairly good dessert and a great one.

By learning the building blocks, you’ll be able to take on any recipe you come across with the knowledge of how to put each step together properly.

So if you’ve tried baking before with less than stellar results, or you're afraid to jump in because you think it's too difficult...

Trust me, you’re not alone!

I’ve taken my experience as a professional Pastry Chef and simplified it to get you started on your baking journey.‍

When I started teaching, I quickly realized that the most simple techniques are sometimes the hardest to master.

And that once students successfully complete a basic recipe, their confidence improves drastically, giving them the ability to take on more difficult techniques each time.

Mastering these building blocks are essential for successfully taking on baking recipes of all levels.

This course contains six sections:

  • Cookie dough

    We'll talk about creaming methods, over vs. under mixing, and the role ingredients play in creating the perfect cookie

  • Chocolate

    We'll discuss tempering, how to make the perfect ganache, and the beauty of "good" chocolate

  • Cakes

    We'll mix up cake batters, discuss baking times, and the role gluten plays in cake

  • Yeasted Doughs

    We'll conquer brioche, pretzels and pizza from scratch, demystifying the use of yeast and the perfect combination of kneading and rise

  • French Pastry

    Have you attempted French macarons without success? Here's your chance to finally conquer this technique. We'll also turn homemade pate a choux into cream puffs and gougeres

  • Pies

    The perfect pie dough is within reach, along with a great use for frozen puff pastry, and the perfect key lime pie

What my students have said:

It was a very fun experience! Katie (the instructor) was very helpful in talking us through what/why we were doing and the entire class enjoyed it. - Michael G.

The bread workshop at Plum & Honey as fantastic! Not only educational and informative, the workshop was a lot of fun - and we came away with delicious baked goods that we made ourselves. Would absolutely take another class. - Kimberley P.

This class was so much fun! Katie is a really great teacher, and I was amazed at how much we got done in the class. Highly recommend it. - Amanda D.

So fun! Amazing instructor! Can’t wait to sign up for more classes. - Anonymous

Katie is a wonderful teacher and she offers useful tips. - Tina H.

Awesome! I learned some new techniques and Katie is a great teacher. - Michael H.

It was a lot of fun, I learned how to make pie crust and had a lot of laughs. Katie is a great teacher who makes everything fun! - Anonymous

A great class! Katie was a fun and knowledgeable teacher - we all had a good time! - Sharon G.

I hope you enjoy this class and the recipes that come with it. Good luck on your baking journey and I'm so happy to be a part of it!

Baking Bootcamp
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