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Bagpipe Instruction For Beginners

Learning the basics on the practice chanter
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At the end of Course 101, students will possess basic fingering techniques and understand enough technique to play the first tune on the practice chanter.

If you have ever wondered about learning this ancient, emotional instrument, now is your chance!

This first course is designed to give you exactly what you need to know to play the first tune on a practice chanter. I will be covering how to buy a chanter, care of it, hand positioning, the scale, and learning Scots Wa Hae, the first tune everyone learns. Sheet music for all exercises is included for download. 

With consistent practice, you should be able to play the tune comfortably within a month. Since you can revisit these lessons as much as you want, it is easy to zero in on the segments you need to move forward.  

You can have a lot of fun learning the pipes, and this course will make it possible with easy to follow, step by step instruction.

Bagpipe Instruction For Beginners
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