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Spanish for Beginners: Laugh While You Learn!

Learn beginner Spanish language concepts and laugh along the way!
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Improved intuitive language abilities
An understanding of basic Spanish language structures
The ability to express complex ideas with basic vocab and grammar

Welcome to Bad Language Media’s Spanish for Beginners!

Whether you are a beginner or just out of practice, this course if designed for getting started with Spanish.

We use a fun, story-based learning model to teach and reinforce the most important basic Spanish language concepts.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use basic Spanish language structures to express complex ideas in the present tense. In addition, each lecture contains communicative intuition practice designed to improve your ability to understand Spanish!

In this course you will:

-learn how to construct basic sentences in Spanish

-be able to conjugate regular and irregular verbs

-have access to over 200 useful vocabulary words

-learn to use gender effectively in Spanish

-improve comprehension through intuition training

-learn to use basic words to express complex ideas

-laugh as you follow a fun and ridiculous story!

Spanish for Beginners: Laugh While You Learn!
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