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Bad Grammar: How to Edit Your Own Writing

Learn how to fix writing mistakes that even GOOD writers make
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How to write with clarity so readers can understand your message
How to identify and fix grammar mistakes that give readers a headache
How to avoid verb ambiguity so readers aren't left thinking "huh?"
How to gain the trust of your readers by using the proper tone in your language
How to break the rules of English grammar for stylistic effects
How to please your audience by writing with elegance

People would sooner point out a grammar mistake than actually consider your ideas. Unfair.

But that's how people are.

It's an unfortunate predicament:

  • A good employee doesn't get promoted because the bad grammar in their emails, memos, and reports screams "unprofessional" and "untrustworthy."

  • An aspiring fiction writer loses readers because of a lack of structure and elegance.

  • A hard-working blogger can't grow an audience because the writing is littered with ambiguity and poor word choice.

  • A smart student gets a "B" on the paper instead of an "A" because run-on sentences and comma splices distract from the argument.

I won't even mention what happens with social media posts. But there's no need to worry...

After taking this course, you will begin to write with confidence and clarity. You will communicate your ideas more effectively, and take your writing to a whole new level.

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Course Overview

  • Module 1 - Mistakes of Sentence Structure

  • Module 2 - Mistakes that Create Ambiguity

  • Module 3 - Mistakes of Word Usage

  • Module 4 - Bonus Material

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Bad Grammar:  How to Edit Your Own Writing
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