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Backup & Migrate WordPress sites with/without Cpanel - 2020

NO PAID PLUGINS; Backup/migrate WordPress sites from one domain/host to another, DNS configuration, Live web examples
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1. Backing up the WordPress website to an external Hard drive or PC/Laptop [No any paid plugins will be used]
2. Step by step instructions to backup DATABASE of the Wordpress website [even when there is no access to cpanel]
3. Two methods of Backing up the website – one with the access of Cpanel details & other without the access of cpanel [but with the WordPress Login / Dashboard]
4. Migrating website from one domain to another [A live example of the website migration from one domain to another with different hosts have been demonstrated]
5. Two ways of migrating the sites - one using cpanel and other without the accessibility of cpanel [however, WordPress Logins will be required]
6. Theme settings installation

This video guides on how to backup & migrate a WordPress website. You can save all your website files to your pc / laptop or hard disk and restore or migrate it to another domain. Both methods, where you have the access to cpanel and where you can’t access cpanel have been demonstrated. No any paid plugins will be used, but you will have the full access of the database (same as we access from cpanel > PHPMyAdmin).

Sometime some of the clients do not have access to their cpanel but only can login to their WordPress website – using one of the method shown here you can backup the website’s files (contents, plugins, themes, theme settings etc) and Database without having to access the cpanel. The other method when every login is available has also been demonstrated.

The course also shows how to transfer the website from one domain to another domain –  while having all the access and logins or without having cpanel login but only with Wordpress login.

All instructions with Live & running websites as examples!

I really hope these methods will be of great help especially to the freelancers where clients have different requirements.

Happy Learning!

Backup & Migrate WordPress sites with/without Cpanel - 2020
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