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Back to the Futures: Futures Trading 101

Unlock the Futures Markets
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The foundation for trading futures.
Take your financial skills to the next level.
Understand how the futures market works.
Create your own trading strategies for futures.
Enhance your trading portfolio composition by including futures.
Make sense of all futures trading details.

**Futures Trading Course taught by in-the-industry quants and traders**

Are you ready to make more sense of the financial markets and harness the opportunities offered by futures? Futures have long been a valuable financial instrument used by professionals and lesser-known to non-professional traders. This concise trading course aims to unlock the potentials for traders of all backgrounds. You will learn about the backbone of trading futures, from the mechanics of futures contracts/markets, to building a real-life futures trading strategy that you can implement.

This course is taught by a team of experienced and active traders, who have distilled all the important topics about futures trading into easy-to-understand essential components.

We will begin the Futures Trading journey by walking through:

  • The fundamental building blocks of futures contracts and markets;

  • Futures trading activities, e.g., who trades futures; what products to trade, etc. all through real-world examples.

  • Advanced futures concepts and scenarios leading to abundant trading opportunities (various applicable futures trading strategies).

  • The last chapter is designed to integrate basic concepts with quantitative analysis using Python: a taste of algorithmic trading geared towards experienced traders and those who want to take it beyond retail level.

  • We will build a futures Pairs Trading strategy and backtest from scratch.

At the end of the course, you will have the necessary tools to start trading futures, whether in a traditional or quantitative way.

For the price of a coffee, you have the power to supercharge your trading and gain a competitive edge. Enrol today and enjoy:

  • High-quality, up-to-date video lectures

  • Python Jupyter Notebooks for the trading strategy

  • 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee

Get an edge in futures trading now!

Back to the Futures: Futures Trading 101
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