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Back Pain Relief Hypnosis System - Healing the deep roots

How to relieve lower, middle and upper back pain and release pain from surrounding sore and aching muscles
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Use hypnosis and spirtual tools to releive and heal back pain.

The back pain relief hypnosis system is for you to manage back pain and start to heal and release the emotional and spiritual factors that create pain in your life.

At the age of 30 while working in finance I suddenly developed kidney failure. When the doctors told me they did not know how to haly my kidney failure, I faced powerlessness over losing my life., As I surrendered to my circumstances I had a heavenly mystical experience, and I heard a voice say "find a spiritual solution". 

The doctors managed to stabilise my condition, but I was left with kidney failure and suffered painful gout attacks in my feet, muscle pain, cramps and intermittent pains in my back and different parts of my body.

The spiritual experience I had resulted in my looking for a spiritual solution to my problems and so I  trained in Rei-Ki, spiritual healing, hypnotherapy, NLP, A Course in Miracles and studied under enlightened teachers such as Dr David R Hawkins .

Using the techniques I learned and consistently applying them,  my gout attacks, cramps and muscle pains eventually became less and then stopped, I have now been free for many years from these pains. I am also able to deal with acute pains and accidents when they happen effectively with the tools in this course.

My wish is for you to gain relief, healing and freedom from back pain in your life.

Back Pain Relief Hypnosis System - Healing the deep roots
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