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Bach Flower Remedies

Practice Tests-A- Keywords and Statements - Situation based
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Any Bach Remedy practitioner can build up and gain knowledge.
Anyone will get better understanding about the usage of Bach Flower Remedies.
How! Bach flower Remedies are helpful in improving your emotional health.
Any ailing person can benefited from this course.

Learn to identify the indications, symptoms and flower messages with full explanation of the remedies. How the negative thoughts are erased and brings positive thoughts with the help of flower essences. Flower remedies works very well when it is used in a layered approach. Well meditated remedies bring excellent results during the process of healing.

These tests contain various random situation based questions to understand the best choice. So to pick the best remedy. One must have very fine knowledge of the statements and keywords uttered by the patient.

Expertise comes with practice:

  • Listen attentively to the statements made by the person.

  • Learn Positive and Negative keywords of every Bach Flower Remedies.

  • Create your own repertory and journal.

  • Write down Case studies and explanation to the remedies suggested.

  • Use Flash Cards to remember the names and qualities about flowers.

  • Jumble all the key words and try to identify the flowers related to them.

  • Link every Bach Flower to a  kind of personality around you, to whom it suites the most.

  • Discuss negative and positive emotions with your friends and family members.

Bach Flower Remedies
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