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How to Switch Babies to Solid Foods

How to Start Solid Foods with Baby Led Weaning , 3-day Wait Rule with Food Recipes of Babies for Age 6 Months to 2 Years
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Master the art of cooking for kids (6 months to 2 years)
Meeting your child’s changing nutritional needs (from 6 months -2 years)
Portion sizes and Appetite
How to increase vegetable and fruit intake ?
Best sources of good fats, protein and calcium for your little ones
Which weaning method is right for baby?
Easy and delicious recipes in Puree/Mash and BLW format
How to ease constipation ?

Babies need healthy eating habits as early as possible. As a parent , it is our responsibility to give them the best start of their life by feeding them nutritious food , but with caution, as the babies are very sensitive to what and how they eat.

It is very important for a parent to understand about the baby's changing nutritional needs, as they grows. You will learn many easy and delicious recipes in puree/mash and BLW(Baby Led Weaning) Format. 

This course covers many nutritious recipes that shall help them to develop positive relationship with foods and guiding the parents about how,when and what to feed them. It also covers many important aspect of baby progression for foods like getting you baby ready to wean. Which weaning method is right for the baby ?

Three-Day wait rule is also explained. Special importance is given to importance of understanding the foods which can cause common allergens among the babies.

Many babies suffers from Colic/Gastrointestinal Problems, which can become a nightmare for parents. This course shall explain many home remedies for its treatment. 

How to Switch Babies to Solid Foods
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